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Compare home value estimate from different automated home valuation providers

Estimate value from different Automated Home Valuation providers

Using a REALTOR is the best way to determine the market price of a home. Start this process by viewing the third-party valuations and then contact a Realtor to determine a reasonable sales price for a home.

How it Works

We have obtained home valuation information (AVM*) from the leading valuation providers in the real estate industry and made it super easy for you to quickly access that information:

1. You enter any property address
2. We do the behind the scene analysis*
3. You get a free Home Value report emailed to you.

You enter an address We do the magic ;) You get a report

*AVM (Automated Valuation Model): The leading valuation provider automatically analyzes various data points to produce an estimate on the current value of a home or property. Most often, online visitors type in a property address and. Data analyzed by using linear and multiple regressions to form an estimate of that property’s market value and can also include the age of a home, market values, trends, historical data, property features and more.

About Compare Homes Value Instantly

When consumers are thinking about buying or selling a home, but before they start the process, there’s that unavoidable question: What’s the value of the home?

At HAR, we are excited to announce development of a new tool that lets consumers compare home values INSTANTLY – from leading sources. HAR.com’s Home Value Comparable tool provides quick estimates for the value of any home in Texas. Consumers can see the low, mid, and high value estimates, along with a confidence score.

It’s important to understand that Automated Home Valuation (AVM) providers can provide a broad valuation range, but cannot always provide intangibles, detailed neighborhood trends and interpret the numbers which help to realistically define the value of a home.

The importance of working with a REALTOR®

The third-party home value estimates may be fast, but they may also be confusing. While consumers sometimes put an emphasis on the valuation numbers, we are using these wide-range of estimates to show consumers that while they may be able to get a general idea of a home’s value, provider estimates are all over the place and ranges can vary by thousands of dollars.

We emphasize that to accurately identify a home’s market value it is really REALTORS® who have the market knowledge and experience to help explain neighborhood trends and interpret the numbers which determine a home’s realistic value.

REALTORS® are the go-to source for all of your real estate needs.