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Declutter Your Home: Why Being Organized Saves You...
30 January, 2023| Home Selling, Moving & Storage, Green Living
If you've ever accrued a late fee after losing a bill, thrown away spoiled peaches you forgot to eat, or bought yet another pair of sunglasses because you couldn't find yours, then you know being diso... read more
How to Replace Weather Stripping
30 January, 2023| Home Values & Recent Sales, Home Selling, Home Imp...
Weather stripping on windows and doors protects the home from air leaks while increasing comfort and saving energy. But as weather stripping ages, it loses its effectiveness.Stay ahead of the game by... read more
How to Shop for a Mortgage
30 January, 2023| Education, Home Buying, Mortgage & Finance
Home buyers who do mortgage loan shopping can avoid leaving money on the table. Whether you're shopping for new bed sheets or a new car, the drill is usually the same. Hit the reviews, check with... read more
Even With Payments Paused, Student Loan Borrowers...
29 January, 2023| Affordable Housing, Home Buying, Housing Market
Federal student loan borrowers haven't had to make payments on their loans since March 2020, and the pause could continue until the summer of 2023. But even with that pressure off, more of them are st... read more
3 Ways to Restructure Mortgage and Save Thousands
29 January, 2023| Mortgage & Finance
The way your mortgage is structured today doesn’t have to be the way it’s structured tomorrow. What are your goals? To free up funds, reduce your monthly note, or pay off your loan more q... read more
Child Proof Your Home
29 January, 2023| Home Buying, Home Selling, Home Safety
Child Proof Your Home Keeping children safe from danger is a parent’s priority and a full-time job. Unfortunately, accidents in the household do happen, such as a fall, burn, or choking. Howeve... read more