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Fully disclose all known facts and defects and neg...
28 January, 2023|
Fully disclose all known facts and defects and negative information with a property on Seller's Disclosure, and share them with the buyer when selling your home.Section 5.008 of the Texas Property Cod... read more
Helpful information in the Houston Region.
28 January, 2023| Home Selling
- Download Ben Huynh-REALTOR APP on your smartphone. Helpful information in the Houston Region. read more
Sellers: 5 Reasons You Should Sell Now!
28 January, 2023| Home Marketing, Home Selling, Home Values & Recent...
5 Reasons You Should Sell Now! As the temperature continues to rise, buyers are coming out ready to purchase their dream home. Here are five reasons that you should list your house for sale now. 1... read more
The Everything Guide to Selling Your First Home
28 January, 2023| Home Selling, Education, Home Buying
Selling, a famous salesman once said, is essentially a transfer of feelings.You love and cherish your home. You want the next owner to fall in love with it, too through photos, through words, and thro... read more
What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?
28 January, 2023| Homeowners Insurance, Home Buying
What does your homeowners insurance cover? The short answer is: A basic homeowners insurance policy (called HO-1 in insurance lingo) covers your home and possessions if they're damaged or destroyed by... read more
The Right Way to Pick a (Gorgeous!) Color Scheme f...
28 January, 2023| Home Remodeling, Houston Living, Master Planned Co...
Picking a color for one room can be challenging enough. But picking a palette for your whole house?That feels daunting. Coordinate your colors too much, you'll end up matchy matchy. Don't coordinate y... read more