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Quote Leasing agent giving out lock box code, allowing unsupervised showings while I'm not home.
I'm renting a home in Houston. The leasing agent has put a lockbox on my door and has been sending out the code to interested parties. I'm still living here and have had people walk in my home without my knowledge and without a Realtor. Is this not against a code of ethics? I don't feel comfortable with unsupervised strangers coming in my home, especially when I'm not home.
In Property Management category - 1 Answer - about 13 hour(s) ago
Quote Seeking rental in Cypress area
We are moving out of our current house Aug 31, which is located in the Spring Cypress/249 area, and are looking for a 3 or 4 bedroom home to rent. We want to be in a good school zone because we have a son who will go into the public schools next year. We are looking to pay $1500 or less (less is better) per month in a home that will allow us to bring our small dog. We are hoping to have some help
In Relocation & Newcomer category - 2 Answer - about 1 day(s) ago
Quote What contract should be used for an attached townhome with No HOA?
I would think it would be 1-4 residential contract as there is no HOA and it's the 3 story unit. No resale certificate is required... just confused at the moment...Thanks for your help!
In Home Buying category - 2 Answer - about 4 day(s) ago
Linda Smith
Quote Find a house by the address
I have the address, I want to see the house
In General category - 4 Answer - about 5 day(s) ago
guy dice
Quote was looking for a house you have a sign on for sale on Shaw road in tomball texas..
single family home that sits off the road on a corner..
In Home Buying category - 3 Answer - about 5 day(s) ago
Quote where do i find the listing traffic report on your website?
the invitation I received for your website from my real estate agent shows a "listing traffic report" where I could be able to see the traffic who are seeing my home and the feedback they've given. I cannot find that info on your webpage.
In Home Selling category - 2 Answer - about 17 day(s) ago

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