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Joel Worden
Quote I am looking for what builders build homes in Suncreek Estates in Rosharon, TX
absolutely love this neighborhood would love to build here
In Home Builders category - 0 Answer - about 1 day(s) ago
Quote Does anyone do property management or know of a good management company?
I have a client who is looking at this option. Suggestions/referrals would be appreciated!
In Property Management category - 1 Answer - about 2 day(s) ago
Bill Helton
Quote what is the price of the house at 21206 Wildcroft Dr
what is the price of the house at 21206 Wildcroft Dr
In Affordable Housing category - 2 Answer - about 3 day(s) ago
Quote Hello my name is Deborah Cantu/
Yesterday I viewed a house located on 306 e 43rd. Houston, Tx . however I did not save and I can not locate it now. Can u help.
In Houston Living category - 2 Answer - about 5 day(s) ago
Quote Hi what advice do you have for
What are the advice that you can give on buying from Comments will be appreciated.
In Home Buying category - 2 Answer - about 6 day(s) ago
Quote Hello this Angela Koska and i was wondering if i could start looking for a home in the rosenberg area or richmond tx .
Our credit isn't that great. But I do know with GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. You're agent caught my eyes by the name of you're agent. I'm a GOD FEARING WOMAN. an look at the impossible GOD Looks at the possible so with being said I have faith that god do send you and you're better half to me ! Thanks and may you have a prosperity and prosper you're calling. God bless you and you're family. My numb
In Foreclosures & Investments category - 2 Answer - about 13 day(s) ago
Faith Floyd
Quote Is there a website where I can find "Active" foreclosures in my area for "Free"?
The answer is "Yes". Our website has a specific "Foreclosure listings" tab that is 100% "free" with no obligations at all. Try it out today.


Faith Floyd, REALTOR?
Licensed Real Estate Broker/Owner
Direct (281) 743-0243 Fax (866) 731-9435
In Foreclosures & Investments category - 0 Answer - about 16 day(s) ago
Faith Floyd
Quote Will professional photography help my home sell faster?
In my opinion the answer is "yes"? We are a "visual" people by nature, so with 90% of buyers starting their search online they have to love it online before they schedule an appointment to view the property in person so with that said, "a picture says a 1000 words" in this case only four words matter "let's schedule an appointment".
Want to hear those four words from a buyer let us list your ho
In Home Selling category - 1 Answer - about 16 day(s) ago
Faith Floyd
Quote Can I buy a home using my VA entitlements in Houston?
The answer is Yes! VA loans are accepted across the United States, finding a lender and a Realtor that is familiar with the process is key to making your dream of owning a home come true.
Since VA has several stipulations on the type, condition and value of the home contact someone who has success completed VA loans.

Hope this helps.

Faith Floyd, REA
In Home Buying category - 0 Answer - about 17 day(s) ago
Faith Floyd
Quote Are the market conditions right for me to sell my home?
Timing the market is tricky. It's constantly changing. And what you hear on the news about the housing market nationally, or even regionally, can have very little to do with how well homes are selling in your neighborhood.

Houston's inventory is at an all time low. Seller's in some areas are getting not just list price but more. Sitting down with a Realtor can help you make that decision.
In Home Selling category - 0 Answer - about 17 day(s) ago

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