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jon root
In General category - 0 Answer - about 4 hour(s) ago
jon root
Quote I made an offer to buy a lot without an option period. What is an option period?
in a third party financing addendum. He have his name on the application only. When he went to the bank to get a loan. He can not get a loan. In order to have his loan approve he adding his wife name on a loan applications. ( for loan application only ) He did not update a contract. ( unimprovment property contract) . Now his loan been approved and he change his my mind. He is terminating all cont
In Home Buying category - 4 Answer - about 4 day(s) ago
In General category - 2 Answer - about 5 day(s) ago
Jesus Lopez
Quote is there any home buyer assistance program
is there any home buyer assistance program in houston
In Home Buying category - 5 Answer - about 8 day(s) ago
Quote Home renovation advice from a financial advisor
Home improvement spending is still on the rise in 2015, with housing experts predicting a further 6 percent increase in home improvement spending this year over last year. And with tax season upon us, you may be wondering just what you could do with the check burning a hole in your bank account. Andrew Housser, CEO of and financial advisor, compiled a few cost-effective renovation tips t
In Home Improvements & Repair category - 1 Answer - about 11 day(s) ago
In Home Selling category - 6 Answer - about 14 day(s) ago

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