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Quote Proerty locator,seeking real estate invester.Finders fee
Will locate properties for finders fee at closing.
In Foreclosures & Investments category - 3 Answer - about 2 day(s) ago
Quote Does anyone have a home for a family on disability and working that is a 3 bedroom 2 bath or townhome in Cyfair area?
We are a very hard time finding a home. We want to buy and are working on our credit but decided to wait and lease or buy home or townhome in the meantime. There are three of us on disability and working. Please let me know if you can help.
In Affordable Housing category - 3 Answer - about 7 day(s) ago
Quote How can a marijuana grow operation affect the value of a property?
Will an appraiser use that information when conducting an appraisal? If the listing agent new about the grow operation, does he have a duty to disclose the fact?
In Home Appraisals category - 3 Answer - about 8 day(s) ago
Quote what are some solutions to a completed transaction that has been misrepresented by the realtor?
I was lead to believe the lot represented on HAR by the realtor(INTERO) was what I purchased, in fact it was not, I purchased the lot next to it which was not what I intended to buy. Long story short I believe they used the bait and switch technique and I'm holding the bag. Title insurance, survey and constant contact with the listing agent was used along with my due diligence. What to do?
In General category - 6 Answer - about 14 day(s) ago
Quote Are foundation repairs a negative or a positive for an appraisal?
We are located in Nottingham Country in Katy and are a home appraisal performed for a refinance. We had some settling and in December, had foundation repairs made by a reputable company that offers a lifetime transferable warranty. Is this something negative or would it be a positive for an appraiser?
In Home Appraisals category - 7 Answer - about 15 day(s) ago
sada sad
Quote What does "Countertop:" field represent?
When there is a value like "Countertop:Granite", does this mean in the kitchen or in the bath?
In General category - 5 Answer - about 16 day(s) ago
sue tharp
Quote Is seller allow to deny the buyer an option period?
This just happened to us. Seller accepted offer but will allow no option period. In Dallas, TX.
In Home Inspections category - 4 Answer - about 17 day(s) ago
In General category - 3 Answer - about 17 day(s) ago

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