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Why is map streets not showing up.

You are spread out to far. Shrink your area and the streets will appear. Posted 2 months ago

Do the homes in an over 55+ community appreciate in value like other communities?

Just depends on the area but normally there is a shortage of these properties so they normally do go up in value because of supply and demand. Posted 2 months ago


Everyone is correct. Pay for the Platinum upgrade and the client ratings are included. Plus you can set up buyers on new listing emails. So worth the money. Posted 1 month ago

Unrestricted land cma

nYou do your Cma the same way as homes. Just mark land and any other criteria and run the sold properties in the same area. That will give you the information you need. Posted 1 month ago

Is there a document to submit if the community your client is buying in does not have an HOA?

It’s already specified on the contract. On page 2 at the very bottom it asks you to check -is or is not in a hoa. You should be fine with it marked -is notPosted 1 month ago

What are Buying trends for Townhomes in Clear Lake, TX?

Go to Matrix and pull up rentals for the last year in Clear Lake. There are many reports you can run that give you this information. Market trends and history. Posted 1 month ago

What do I need to know with Section 8 Tenants

I have personally had 4-5 section 8 tenants over the last 3 years. It's normally a good thing for land lords because they know for sure they will get their check every month. Their credit doesn't matter. They have a list of things they have to do to more...Posted 1 month ago

How do I find my showing code?

No. You have to call centralized showing service and set up an account. They will verify your broker information and you will choose a showing code. You will use this code every time you make an appointment. Posted 1 month ago

How does my client collect unpaid rent after the tenants move out?

If she can find them she can sue in small claims for up to two years. It normally works best to call them and work out something. Explain you will turn into credit bureau and they will have additional problems and harder to rent or buy in the future. more...Posted 1 month ago

What do you do with the adbonded car left by the tenants?

Owner can sell it. This is covered in the lease agreement. Posted 1 month ago

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