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Has anyone had experience with Rentberry?

Hi Jackie. They likely get their fees several ways. It says on the web site they charge your tenant a "success" fee of $25. Likely when they apply on-line for their credit report, they will up-charge their fee $5-$10. Finally, they likely will try to sell you other services or show you advertising from proper ... view more
Posted 3 days ago - Last answered by Mark McNitt

Who should pay for a second appraisal after first one was denied by the bank?

That is an unusual situation for a lender to not accept the appraisal they ordered. I would think that if the lender hires the appraiser off their approved appraisal vendor list and that appraiser produces appraisals that are not considered to meet the standards of the lender, that the lender would then foot ... view more
Posted 4 days ago - Last answered by Kevan Pewitt

How do I search for rental properties that accept section 8 vouchers?

As you are searching the MLS under "rental terms" you can select Section 8 to narrow the search. I would still confirm with the listing agent as well.
Posted 6 days ago - Last answered by Karen Sherrill

Do you still consider paper flyers to be an effective marketing tool?

I would have to agree with Karen, most buyers are online as numbers have shown to be the preferred way to search for a home. Think about it, when you get a flyer handed to you are you pick it up from somewhere, most times it becomes scratch paper for something important or you throw it away. That's my thought ... view more
Posted 6 days ago - Last answered by Faith Floyd

What determines which contract to use for selling a townhouse?

The simplest way is to look a the MLS listing. Under the section "Description and Room Dimensions" it lists "type of TREC contract" That will tell you if you should use a condo or a 1-4 contract. It will also list the type as N for condo.
Posted 1 week ago - Last answered by Karen Sherrill

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