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Veronica Mullenix

Veronica Mullenix Real Estate Group

"The Difference? ... Is Dedication! Your success is my utmost priority!"

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How can you please an unsatisfied buyer who’s asking for your part of commission?

It is very unsettling when a client requests you to pay them out of your earnings. However, in this situation you described, the request is coming to you after the transaction has closed. The closing event has legally ended your agency relationship to more...Posted 6 months ago

Representing the Buyer. Does the Buyer have to disclose inspection reports before asking for any repairs?

Because the circumstances of each transaction are unique there is no set protocol for sharing or not sharing the inspection report. A Buyer's Agent could send the request for repairs or adjustments w/o the report and discuss the items with Listing Agent, more...Posted 6 months ago

Where can I find Notice to Vacate form?

The tenant's notice of intent to vacate is TXR Form 2218. The landlord's notice to terminate right of occupancy is TXR Form 2208.Posted 6 months ago

Do you provide Sellers Disclosure to anyone that is not in contract with the seller?

The Seller's Disclosure is provided to anyone who requests it. Buyer's agents often provide the Seller's Disclosures to their clients prior to making any showing appointments as part of the process for considering each property. It is prudent to provide more...Posted 5 months ago

does a tenant that is a realtor get 50% of rent commission if they sign a lease contract

The Broker will collect any compensation offered through MLS for bringing the tenant to the transaction. If the tenant also happens to be a licensee sponsored by the broker that fact does not alter the offer of compensation cited in the MLS. The licensee/tenant more...Posted 5 months ago

Is my client bound to perform if they agreed to sell a property to buyer at a specified price through text message?

The Texas Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) has outlined details that create digitally binding contracts. To satisfy the statute of frauds and UETA, generally the text, or an email, would have to be electronically signed by the buyer and seller, more...Posted 11 months ago

Is refinancing your home after the age of 60 worth it?

The answer to this question is dependent upon your long term financial goals and what you want to accomplish as part of your overall retirement portfolio. A financial planner who specializes in retirement planning will be your best resource for guiding more...Posted 7 months ago

Is there a time limit on a listing agreement?

All Texas contracts have an expiration date. For a Listing Agreement the expiration date typically corresponds to how long the Broker and seller determine it will take to sell the property. Pricing a property accurately and well requires a strategic more...Posted 5 months ago

where can I find a 55+ community

Within our Matrix MLS a Realtor can do a custom search using the field "Active Community 55" checked as "YES". I just did this Single Family search as a test before answering your question, and the results rendered 43 listings.. This field is a Realtor more...Posted 10 months ago

When Building A Vendor List To Share With Clients What Should You Look For In A Lender?

Interview lenders before adding them to your recommended vendor list. Above all else they need to have the processes and organization in place that enables them to close on time. Posted 10 months ago

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