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1310 Heritage Place
Sugar Land, TX 77479
Phone: 281.325.0032
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The art and soul of great living.

The art, because Telfair is a feast for the eyes, with every detail intended as a monument to a quality of life found nowhere else. And the soul, because Telfair is designed to nurture families and individuals as they pursue life’s pleasures, from education and recreation, to simply relaxing in their perfect new home. From Money to BusinessWeek, the list of leading publications naming Sugar Land as one of America’s best places to live keeps growing. And there’s no better place to find a new home in Sugar Land than Telfair. Telfair features homes from 13 of Houston’s most established and respected builders with homes priced from the $250,000s to over $1 million. Distinctive design is one of the cornerstones at Telfair displayed in the 32 model homes featured in our Model Home Village. Telfair is a place where you can live in the moment. New experiences, new adventures, and new memories are everywhere you turn. It’s a community unlike any other. And once you visit, you’ll agree – Telfair is the art and soul of great living.

With a community that devotes 300 acres to recreational amenities, Telfair offers countless opportunities to connect with family, neighbors and nature. Telfair takes its name from the largest of the many shady squares in downtown Savannah, Georgia, one of the nation’s most quaint and livable cities. Telfair honors its Savannah inspiration with many neighborhood squares, enchantingly landscaped with trees, fountains, flowers and unique outdoor art. One of the most visible amenities at Telfair is its central 70-acre lake and park system, which meanders throughout the community. Marked by a dramatic pair of arched suspension bridges, this linear park offers places to jog, walk and bicycle. You can explore nature at one of several wetland ledges along the shoreline, or simply sit and relax at one of the inviting benches.

Three neighborhood recreation centers are planned for Telfair. The first recreation center, now complete, offers a swimming pool, playground, poolhouse.

Telfair residents enjoy their own Private Neighborhood Network, Also sometimes called an Intranet, this site offers detailed information on community activities and events, the Homeowner’s Association, schools and much more. You can even use the bulletin boards to join community clubs and interest groups, or to trade tips and information with neighbors about local businesses. Just in case you want to take it all outside with you, you’ll be glad to know the parks in Telfair are all Wi-Fi accessible.

Telfair is located in Sugar Land, Texas. Take U.S. 59 South to University Blvd. and turn right. Follow the signs to the Information Center.

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Telfair Real Estate Overview:
  • Currently there are 55 homes for sale in Telfair .
  • The average price of the homes for sale in Telfair is $601,068.
  • Telfair Average Price/Square feet is $157.
  • The average square of the homes in Telfair is 3,736 sqft.

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Neighborhood Facts for Telfair

Name Telfair
Homes for Sale 55
Average Price $601,068
Average Price/Square Ft. $157
Average Bedrooms 4.20
Average Baths 3.24
Average Year Built 2009
Average Square Ft. 3,736

Neighborhoods in Telfair

Recently Listed Homes for Sale in Telfair

Address Community Property Type Price Bed/Bath Sqft Stories  
1910 Talcott Lane, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$579,8885/44,1892
1319 Alleyan, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$526,8004/43,3462
4710 Chaneybriar Avenue, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$999,9996/55,5672
1723 Ravenel Lane, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$578,0004/43,9382
7614 Sheffield Court, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$819,0005/45,4982
2107 Cobblerstone Court, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$385,0003/32,3451
1103 Arden Oaks Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$557,9994/33,5362
315 Callavance, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$429,0005/33,0662
1707 Ralston Branch Way, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$439,0004/32,8142
6639 Larocke Trail, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$369,9003/22,4982
4610 Chaneybriar Avenue, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$699,9005/44,0712
1539 Ralston Branch Way, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$379,0003/22,3031
7019 Argonne Trail, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$439,0003/33,2592
719 Doscher Lane, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$529,0004/33,6162
1603 Whitfield Street, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$809,8005/35,2932
1422 Ravenel lane, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$409,0003/22,7211
314 Chatham Avenue, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$614,9995/44,0502
6814 Bannon Trail, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$479,0004/33,5502
1614 Sunderland Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$450,0004/32,7191
410 Mcallister Avenue, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$594,9004/33,8792
7007 Argonne Trail, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$595,0005/44,1382
2135 Ascot Lane, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$369,0003/22,4361
6907 Gossamer Lane, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$510,0003/33,0732
1315 Ralston Branch Way, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$379,0003/22,9272
6714 Forsythe Lane, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$424,9904/22,8531
7715 Ehrhardt Lane, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$575,0004/33,6922
2122 Ascot Lane, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$410,0003/22,6032
1206 Ancrum Hill Lane, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$469,0005/33,2832
1006 Wyndham Way, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$574,9005/43,8282
6703 Aegean Trail, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$389,0003/22,8622
6723 Oakman Lane, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$369,9994/22,2941
3122 Barrons Way, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$779,9005/44,5472
4607 Pawlett Court, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$930,0005/45,0762
903 Arden Oaks Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$634,9005/44,1792
6838 Arborwood Lane, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$479,9003/22,7921
6722 Constatine, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$484,9995/33,2742
2226 Black Oak Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$455,0004/33,2832
6827 Emerson Lane, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$439,9004/33,1682
910 Weldon Park Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$698,8005/54,4582
1810 Bartrum Trl, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$545,0004/34,1082
207 Chatham Avenue, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$559,0004/33,6482
6814 Peatwood Way, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$429,9003/33,1991
1302 Coleridge Street, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$659,0005/44,2882
1003 Weldon Park Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$429,9903/32,6911
6707 Chalice Place, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$469,9003/33,2192
1310 Kentshire Avenue, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$585,0005/33,9822
1507 Prestwick Avenue, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$1,099,0005/55,5742
7403 SADLER Court, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$1,050,0005/34,7112
1614 Ravenel Lane, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$675,0005/44,2382
1219 Coleridge Street, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$699,8005/35,1252
603 Plumbridge Lane, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$2,499,8806/710,1972
6807 Ripplemoor Court, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$359,0004/22,2681
1315 Mayfair Lane, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$894,0005/44,4712
1611 Sunderland Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$399,9003/22,5951
7418 Althea Court, Sugar Land, TX 77479TelfairSingle-Family$645,9005/44,1572

Recently Sold Homes in Telfair

Address Community Sold Date Property Type Price Range Bed/Bath Sqft Stories  
1411 Kentshire Avenue, Sugar Land, TX 77479Telfair07/18/2018Single-Family$552,001 - $627,0005/44,2852
1310 Lamonte Court, Sugar Land, TX 77479Telfair07/09/2018Single-Family$420,001 - $482,0004/33,0001
526 Traynor Lane, Sugar Land, TX 77479Telfair07/06/2018Single-Family$420,001 - $482,0004/33,2842
1722 Harmony Avenue, Sugar Land, TX 77479Telfair07/05/2018Single-Family$482,001 - $552,0004/33,9312
6506 Wexford Trail, Sugar Land, TX 77479Telfair07/02/2018Single-Family$420,001 - $482,0003/22,7652
707 Doscher Lane, Sugar Land, TX 77479Telfair06/29/2018Single-Family$420,001 - $482,0004/33,0822
2122 Ralston Branch Way, Sugar Land, TX 77479Telfair06/29/2018Single-Family$325,001 - $370,0003/22,0921
2118 Cobblerstone Court, Sugar Land, TX 77479Telfair06/28/2018Single-Family$482,001 - $552,0004/33,2022
2811 Gallion Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479Telfair06/22/2018Single-Family$827,001 - $947,0005/45,2132
7610 Herndon Place, Sugar Land, TX 77479Telfair06/22/2018Single-Family$552,001 - $627,0004/34,6802
6506 Terscott Court Court, Sugar Land, TX 77479Telfair06/21/2018Single-Family$370,001 - $420,0004/32,7752
6834 Fitzgerald Court, Sugar Land, TX 77479Telfair06/21/2018Single-Family$370,001 - $420,0004/32,7811
4610 Burclare Court, Sugar Land, TX 77479Telfair06/15/2018Single-Family$552,001 - $627,0004/43,6081
7007 Dunbarton Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479Telfair06/12/2018Single-Family$482,001 - $552,0005/43,9462
6507 Pittsford Court, Sugar Land, TX 77479Telfair06/12/2018Single-Family$325,001 - $370,0003/22,2101
618 Arden Oaks Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479Telfair06/08/2018Single-Family$482,001 - $552,0004/33,5592
6806 WITTENBERG Avenue, Sugar Land, TX 77479Telfair06/08/2018Single-Family$482,001 - $552,0004/33,9752
2202 E Black Oak Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479Telfair06/04/2018Single-Family$325,001 - $370,0004/33,0812
6731 Glenkirk Place, Sugar Land, TX 77479Telfair05/30/2018Single-Family$420,001 - $482,0004/33,6012
1803 Ralston Branch Way, Sugar Land, TX 77479Telfair05/25/2018Single-Family$420,001 - $482,0005/43,1532

Telfair School Information

Elementary School Middle School High School School Distict
Coulson Tough Tough/McCull The Woodlands HS Conroe
Here is a list of nearby schools.

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Telfair is a beautiful master planned community located in Fort Bend County. Homes are available, contact me today to schedule private showings for homes that may interest you within this community! (Call/Text) 281-217-0348 or
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