How do I book a showing

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Mandy Kainer
About 2 months ago
Have you reached out to the agent yet?
Wendy Johnson
About 2 months ago
Hello Nicola, if you're viewing the listing from Matrix, you can click on "request an appointment" under the listing office information section off to the right (2nd line down). If you're viewing the listing on the HAR mobile app then there is a showing icon (Calendar icon) where you can request a showing from there. Other than that you can call in your request to showingtime or showingsmart and the service agent can book it for you and send you a confirmation. If the listing says contact agent for an appointment in the agent remarks then you obviously have to do so if the agent doesn't have the listing serviced by a scheduling service.
Irma Higuera
About 2 months ago
Nicola, When you viewing the listing on the MLS scroll down to listing office information under list broker you will see appointment #. You will either see ShowingTime, ShowingSmart or call agent
Richard Luebeck
About 2 months ago
Typically you schedule with the showing company on the listing or with the listing agent.
Cindy Burns
About 2 months ago
Are you a Realtor? If not, most showings must be done with an agent for access. Or, you can go to the MLS listing and click on the "schedule tour" button to schedule an appointment. If you do not have an agent, the listing agent should be able to assist.
Joe Applewhite
About 2 months ago
If you don’t have a realtor, you email me. Most showings require that you be escorted by one.
Robert Aguilar
About 2 months ago
You can schedule a showing through the matrix or the HAR mobile app, you can also schedule directly with the listing agent. The listing will most often show how to schedule a showing and will provide directions and phone numbers for whom to call. I hope this helps.
Catina Thomas
About 2 months ago
If you are an agent you can go to the listing in Matrix and click on request a listing or if you are not an agent, the listing agent for that property should be able to assist you in viewing the property. Hope this was helpful:)
Tracie Benton
About 2 months ago
If the directions aren't in the MLS system, I would reach out to the agent for showing instructions.
Stacy Burgin
About 2 months ago
On the MLS you will find an appointment number. Usually on the right hand side of the page. It could be to the agent, Showingtime or Showingsmart. If you have never used Showingtime they will have to get you setup. Showingsmart you will give them your public id you have at HAR.
Ivette Soto
About 2 months ago
Normally you can do it through your phone with either Showing Time or whatever platform the Listing agent is using.
Tim Clark
About 1 month ago
Easiest way is to contact the listing agent and ask to show the listing. Most times it's faster that way.
Ommy Darawan Buayan
About 1 month ago
Depending on the property you choose. Some have online booking but to be sure is better to call the number provided in the listing to make appointment. Each property has different number for setting appointment; some you call or text the listing agent your HAR ID to get access to property. Some property you call the appointment services like CSS or showingTime You call to tell them the property address and time and they will text or email you if the showing is approve for showing or not property access will also be in that in confirmation. The contact information should be under contacts in the listing also check agent remarks for any notes.
Pauline Clement
About 1 month ago
I would say to book a showing by any means necessary as far as first reading the instructions found for agents. second, to book a showing, if there is a link for requesting a showing then select that link to submit the request. Next, if there is a phone number for a showing service or the agent's number, then call or text the agent according to the instructions for those methods that can be used as well.
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