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How long after a refinance can you sell your home?

Hi Kristin, keep in mind all the fees associated with refinancing and if it makes sense to incur that cost to assume a new monthly mortgage payment for just a couple months. If cost of refinancing is not too high for you then it makes sense to refi more...Posted 2 days ago

Where I can search foreclosure and investment properties only

You can also search agent or public remarks fields in Matrix specifically for the word(s) invest, investor, investment etc. for such listings as an alternative to some of the already mentioned options. THANKS!Posted 1 week ago

Is seller required to use licensed electrician for minor electrical repairs

It's recommended that a licensed person does electrical repairs but it really depends on how this is phrased in the amendment. Both parties should really want someone 'licensed' to touch electrical in a home if it involves anything beyond changing a more...Posted 3 weeks ago

1st month rent payment

Natalia, you didn't provide sufficient details but of course you should have your landlord contact a real estate attorney, however have you discussed with the tennants agent if one exist? Was the tennant provided keys and is occupying the property or more...Posted 4 weeks ago

How do you create a code for a widget to the MLS that I can put on my business website?

Hi Victoria, why not select the IDX code that you wish to incorporate?. You can find all the IDX code here - https://www.har.com/moa_idx_tools . Hopefully that's what you're looking for. If not pease explain further.Posted 3 weeks ago

How can I locate buyers for my listing

Adwerx, social media paid ads across all platforms as well as free social broadcast methods, reverse prospecting are all valid ways of being proactive to find buyers for listings you have, aligning your pricing to competitive neighborhood properties more...Posted 4 weeks ago

How to search for mobile home parks/community only on HAR?

Since you're a realtor you should probably use Matrix - look in single family and in the "Property SubType" field you'll select "Manufactured" for mobile homes. I don't know a way to search directly on HAR.Posted 4 weeks ago

Can I find homes for buyers in any city?

Yes - you can search the other major cities as well on HAR or "All of Texas" option in the drop down box.Posted 2 months ago

Does anyone have experience with RatePlug?

They've reintroduced it today but it has been a feature all along even before Matrix. I've used it many times, it's great to put the flyers at your listings to give potential buyers the idea what they can afford for the property. Even if you're working more...Posted 1 month ago

How much impact can a buyer's letter carry?

I agree that they can sometimes work in favor and sometimes work against a buyer - depends if it's written personally from the buyers themselves or from the buyer's agent to present their client's situation to the sellers. Sellers agents presents all more...Posted 3 months ago

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