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how to sell your home in 2018

Best to post this in the home buying related categories if you're trying to reach end consumers rather than the realtor only group. Good luck.Posted 3 days ago

Didn't get the correct showing code, can I get the Realtor by the phone number?

Agent contact details posted on the MLS listing on Matrix if all else fails look them up on the trec web site.Posted 2 weeks ago

Where are the investors buying?

You've already received 2 very good answers - it really depends on what are your short term and long term goals are. Do you already have a good contractor to work with you? (Demand is high right now). Are you already working with a realtor, if not, more...Posted 3 weeks ago

How to find info regarding Lots not listed on HAR?

Search the tax record in realist and you'll see the owner then get in touch with them.Posted 2 weeks ago

Does the seller have a LEGAL right to attend a home inspection?

As far as I know, it's not necessary for the seller to attend the inspection of their home for sale. What prompted this question? If it's more than you've stated then perhaps contact an attorney.Posted 2 weeks ago

Did HAR Remove the PROP HARVEY FLOOD field?

Yes I believe it was only temporary (it's a shame - should have been kept longer). Use the agent remarks and public remarks fields accordingly to describe the situation if it's flooded or not if it's a listing. If it's for a buyer, customize your search more...Posted 3 weeks ago

How soon before listing a home in MLS may a Realtor put a sign in the yard?

I don't believe you can put a "For Sale" sign unless you have a listing agreement signed by the seller. You're allowed to put a coming soon sign while you prepare the listing but per MLS rules you have 3 days to enter the home in the MLS once you have more...Posted 3 weeks ago

Unprofessional, lying broker won't terminate listing agreement

Oh wow. I can't imagine you're being treated that way, so very sorry to hear. You can cancel your listing agreement perhaps with penalties before it expires but as someone already alluded, we're not allowed to give legal advice so contact a real estate more...Posted 4 weeks ago

How do i ensure seller pays me 3% Commission?

The MLS listing has the comp to selling agent clearly stipulated if you're representing a buyer. Do you have a representation agreement with the buyer (i.e they are a client and not a customer)? If you're a subagent and the comp in the MLS says 0 then more...Posted 4 weeks ago

How can I find a place "Havey Victim" and be in it by tomorrow. Or I will be homeless by this time next week

Hello Geoffrey, I'm truly sorry to hear about your situation and hopefully you won't be homeless. Hang in there and stay strong. There are a lot of vacant rentals on the market, just depends on your budget and where you wish to live. Are you looking more...Posted 1 month ago

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