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"I will help you get what you want, If You Want Me Help You Get What You Want when buying or selling a home "

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Rozmawiam po polsku. Я говорю по-русски. I speak English.

I am Professional Real Estate Consultant, Realtor® licensed in Texas.

I have earned Master's Degree in Administration from University of Warsaw, Poland.

If you are Home Buyer, I can find right home for you, in the right neighborhood, at the lowest possible price with the least amount of stress on you.

If you are Home Seller, I am going to sell your home with the highest possible price, in the time frame you want, with the least amount of stress on you.

Want extraordinary results? Want to know more about me? What makes me different? How I really benefit people like you? CALL me TODAY 281-610-4524 for Initial Consultation.


CLIENT TESTIMONIALS about IRENA GORSKI real estate services:

"As our realtor, Irena was highly professional, patient, and knowledgable, I would definitely recommend Irena to anyone searching for a home. To Irena I say keep up the excellent work." Reginald and Anu

"It was pleasure to work with Ms. Irena Gorski. She took care of everything during all process from beginning until closing We had all information about houses and current real estate market to make proper decisions even we were in Illinois. Ms. Irena took care of us even after purchase. We are so happy that we found so professional and friendly real estate agent." Sincerely Yours Jozef and Malgorzata Lesniakowski

"A pleasure to work with. Irena was very patient with us being first-time home buyers. She was very knowledgable about the housing market and walk us through the whole process. We will definitely refer to other potential home buyers and sellers." Maria and Joshua Munoz

"Irena handled everything with upmost care and dedication! I had a great experience working with her and didn't have to worry that something wasn't done properly! Highly professional at all times and very personable! I will definetly recommend her to my friends in need of realtor!" Agnieszka, Home Seller

"We are always extremely impressed with Irena's professionalism and attention to details." Agnieszka and Krzysztof Kuszynski seller's of CONNIES COURT LN 08/05/2009

"Irene Gorski is an excellent realtor, we recommend her wholeheartedly! Keep up the good work!" Irene and Isaac Schalom

"Irena, I personally want to thank you for giving me the correct information every time I asked for. I like working with a professional like you. I hope to do business with you in future." Neeti Chauhan, ABR, GRI Prudential Gary Greene,Realtors

"Hello Irena, Thank you so much for the thoughtful gift and for the assistance in finding the house and finalizing the purchase. You have been very kind, and we both appreciate it. I will be sure to recommend you to all our friends." Sincerely, Ken Palmer

"Irena, I just want to express my gratitude towards the work you did selling my house at 13019 Skymeadow drive. The pictures you took were phenomenal it was truly outstanding job you did. I appreciate your courtesy and detail work in showing our home. We got it sold in 4months when we switched to you from our previous agent. We had the house on the market for over a year and it had not been sold but thank to your hard work it was sold in 4 months". Thank you so very much, Rosa Rivas

"Irena, I would like to thank you for playing the most important role in the sale of my residential lot at Sienna Plantation. Your services have been outstanding, professional, and very educational. I appreciate the fact that you went over every minute detail during the process, while informing me about the various terminologies. Your personality also assured me that I had engaged a very qualified and confident real estate agent. I would be more than willing to serve as a reference for your future potential clients. Thank you again for doing a great job!" Sincerely, Dr. Abhay Sardesai

"Irena Gorski, Congratulations on your most recent closing with Denise Moore. We look forward to working with you in the near future. Thanks for your professionalism." Sincerely, Maggie Rios Owner Remax Fine Properties

"Dear Irena, Now, as we settled down in our new home, we would like just to say thank you. You were professional, knowledgeable, and most importantly efficient in our home buying process. you kept our minds at ease by providing us with timely updates and answering our questions promptly and accurately. Your follow-up was top-notch. Irena, you are a joy to work with and we intend to recommend you to friends and family. Thanks for all your hard work." Alina and Greg Szymanski

"Dear Irena, I'll never be able to thank you enough for all yur help dear, don't know what I would do without your expertise. Thanks and will be seeing you soon." Beverly Contway

"Irena Gorski as a realtor impressed me in the good way, on every aspect of our home buying relationship. I pretty much knew what I wanted, and what I was looking for as far as the house floor plan, the neighborhood, and the price range. It took her no time to find the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood for the price I wanted to pay, so if anybody is busy as I am, who don't want to see a hundreds of houses, just the ones which mabye something you are looking for - Irena Gorski is the right realtor for you! Just tell her what kind of a house you are looking for and she will find it for you! Also this was the first house I was on the market for, and she helped me with everything I needed help with. This was more like a pleasure and fun experience. Always on time, really dedicated, very professional, and always looking after your business, making sure that your are going to be happy with your new house and the conditions you are getting upon. She is real asset to realty market. Highly recommended!" Sebastian Bartnik

"Ms. Gorski, I am very impressed with your services!" Quang Nguyen

"Ms. Gorski, I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks. You are the first agent to call the showing service and let me know that you were done viewing our house. I really appreciate that! I try to stay away so potential buyers can feel free to look about as they want but I work from home and it is so nice to know whe I can return. Thank you again for letting the showing service know when all was clear! Thanks!" Erica Garrison

"Thank you, I appreciate your site, for now we are not in a hurry to sell. But if we get "ancy" we may call out of appreciation of you sowing your knowledge, or when we sell, we may call when it come to a purchase by a realtor. Thank you again!" Lis DeHart


Fluent in English, Polish and Russian.

Masters Degree in Administration, University of Warsaw, Poland

Active member of Houston Association of Realtors

Active member of Texas Association of Realtors

Active member of National Association of Realtors
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Irena Gorski

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Member of HAR
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Polish Russian
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How soon before listing a home in MLS may a Realtor put a sign in the yard?

Once you have signed Listing Agreement, the house has to be first placed on MLS, then you can put your For Sale sign in front of the house. But you can place your sign with \"Coming Soon\" sign rider few days (3 days) before you enter house info on MLS, once you have signed listing agreement of course. That\'s what I was told when I called HAR MLS department a while ago. You can double check with them tomorrow.

in Realtor Only, 11 months ago
When a home appraises much lower than the contract price, why would a seller not be willing to reduce the price?

There is no information if Seller is represented by real estate agent. Assuming that he/she is, then I would assume that his/her agent prepared CMA for the Seller before house was placed for sale. I am assuming that you as the exclusive buyer\'s agent, you also prepared CMA of the property in question, before you prepared the offer for your buyer to purchase this house. I assume that you gave your client, home buyer, advice on price before offer was submitted. Since contract to purchase the house was executed, it means that the price offered was acceptable to both parties ie seller and buyer. You didn\'t say if your buyer has conventional home loan or FHA loan. It makes difference in this case, because if it is FHA loan, then appraisal will stay with the house for 120 days. It means that home seller will have problem to sell house within 120 days to another buyer with FHA loan for higher price than the current FHA appraisal. But if another buyer will be a cash buyer, or buyer with conventional loan then new appraisal will be ordered and it can be higher than current appraisal. If current appraisal is not for FHA loan, then it will not stay with the house, and seller has a chance that next buyer\'s appraisal will be more favorable to seller. The seller has no obligation to reduce the price of the house by $20,000. Especially if seller is not in a hurry to sell the house. Not all appraisers are the same, and yes they are making mistakes, and because of that, many deals can fall through. Because house did not appraise at the selling price, it means that Property Approval is not obtained according to Paragraph B(2) in Third Party Financing addendum. Paragraph B (2) in Third Party Financing Addendum says \"If Property Approval is not obtained, Buyer may terminate this contract by giving notice to Seller before closing and the earnest money will be refunded to Buyer.\"

in Realtor Only, 12 months ago
What does the active purple mean

Purple color indicates that property is available (is in Active status) for rent.

in General, 12 months ago
How do you get your shopper clients to have a buyer mindset?

I don\'t think you can change your shopper clients mindset to buyers mindset. Are they your clients (do you have Buyer\'s Representation Agreement signed with them)? Or, are they just customers? Did you ask them how serious they are about buying a house? Do you know their time frame to buy a house? Are they pre-approved for home loan? Serious buyers will be able to give you specific answers to those and other questions, and usually they know if, and when, they want to buy. You can set up automatic updates to be emailed to them with houses meeting their criteria and follow up with them on a weekly, or bi-weekly basis. You can also invite them to download your HAR Agent Branded Mobile App and communicate with them using this platform. But, I don\'t think you can push them to buy a house. \nGood luck!\n\n

in Realtor Only, 1 year ago
Repair or replace galvanized pipe in house?

I am not a specialist in plumbing field, so I can\'t give you straight answer. I would think that replacing galvanized pipes would be the best and most economical option as other agents mentioned. You may contact some plumbing companies for advice, recommendations and price. Last year my buyers got estimates when they were buying a house with galvanized pipes which had small pin holes and home inspector recommendation was to replace those leaking galvanized pipes. They got estimates from:\n\n1. TDT PLUMBING\n4918 Pinemont Drive, Suite A\nHouston, Texas 77092\n713 697 2088 (office)\n713 695 3692 (Fax)\\\n\n2. WE DO REPIPES\n40 Cypress Creek Pkwy. suite # 280\nHouston, TX 77090\ntel: 832-819-8337\n\nGood luck!

in Home Improvements & Repair, 1 year ago
if my seller wants terminate a listing what can I do

You did not provide any information explaining why Seller wants to terminate the listing. Is there something related to your performance as the listing agent, or is there other reason like for example seller\'s family situation etc., which are beyond your control. Those things do happen. No matter what the reason is, you should talk to your broker, because your listing belongs to your broker, and you can not terminate the listing (even if you want to), without your broker\'s approval.

in Realtor Only, 1 year ago
cn a agent refuse to show listings where the listing agent is offering less that the 50%

Agent has fiduciary duty to his/her client (home buyer in this case), so really if buyer is interested to see the house where commission to the selling agent is lower than 3% of the gross sales price, then buyer\'s agent should show this house. I am not sure what did you enter in Paragraph 11A(1) in Buyer/Tenant Representation Agreement. If you entered commission of 3% of the gross sales price, and listing broker is offering on MLS for example 2% of the gross sales price, then you should explain to the buyer that if you show buyer this house and buyer will decide to buy it, then your buyer will have to reimburse you for 1% in commission difference, according to Paragraph 11B. Source of Commission Payment, which says: \" Broker will seek to obtain payment of the commission specified in Paragraph 11A first from the seller, landlord, or their \nagents. If such persons refuse or fail to pay Broker the amount specified, Client will pay Broker the amount specified less any amounts Broker receives from such persons.\" If you explain this to your buyer, then you will see if buyer still will be willing to see this house or not.

in Realtor Only, 1 year ago

Paragraph 6B(2) Property Approval in Third Party Financing Addendum says: \" Property Approval will be deemed to have been obtained when the Property has satisfied lender\'s underwriting requirements for the loan, including but not limited to appraisal, insurability, and lender required repairs. If Property Approval is not obtained, Buyer may terminate this contract by giving notice to Seller before closing and the earnest money will be refunded to Buyer\". You have to find out if property has satisfied lender\'s underwriting for the loan as mentioned above. You may contact lender about this. Since appraisal was done before inspections, then lender may not be aware of septic system issue, and house may satisfy lender\'s underwriting requirements. On the other hand, if lender is aware about this issue and property does not satisfy lender\'s underwriting requirements for the loan, then Seller has the right to terminate the contract as stated in the above mentioned paragraph and earnest money has to be refunded to Buyer no matter that option period ended already. You may also check about this issue with TREC Legal Hotline 800-873-9155.

in Realtor Only, 1 year ago
Open House as New Home Builder

If I understand correctly, you are the builder\'s listing agent. The transaction of the purchase of the house did not close yet, since contract (as you wrote) was signed few days ago. Many things may happen with current contract, like buyers may not get approved for home loan, or they may change their mind and decide not to purchase the house. Those things do happen, that\'s why most likely builder wants you to hold the open hoouse. Even if current contract would end up in closing, you may get new prospects and potential clients at the open house. So, I think you should hold the open house as scheduled. Good luck!

in Realtor Only, 1 year ago

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