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Andre Griffiths

Looking for resources to build a duplex, central houston

Looking for potential builders, need floor plans to decide on the right size lot to purchase.

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Looking for resources to build a duplex, central houston

By Andre Griffiths   
Posted on Sep 11, 2017 in Topic: Home Builders
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Looking for potential builders, need floor plans to decide on the right size lot to purchase.
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Posted: 9 months ago
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Michael Jobin
about 9 months ago
Hi Andre,

Instead of looking for a builder, you may want to look for an architect or design/build firm to help with floor plans. There are some great design build companies in Houston. You may run into issues with restrictions if you try to floor plan first then find a lot to fit. Also consider the price of dirt in Central Houston. A duplex may not be highest and best use.

GHBA is going to be your best source for finding a builder to suit your needs.

Michael Jobin, SRES
C&K Properties


about 9 months ago
Yvonne Chauvin
about 9 months ago
Hi Andre,

Before you purchase a lot, check out the active rentals in the area you're interested in. Also, look into property history and see how much and how fast (or slow) are properties appreciating in that area. This will help you determine if it's a good investment. Sometimes you may benefit more from building 2 stand alone houses as opposed to a duplex (more return).
Having said that- there are many custom builders in Houston area who will help you with choosing the right floor plan. Many will design the plan for you, based on what your vision for the site is.
It'll be easier for you to find the right builder once you find the right location.
Thank you,

Yvonne Chauvin
Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene

about 9 months ago
Dominik Szabo
about 8 months ago
Dear Andre,
Your question is a very complex one, as it involves Finances, Zoning restrictions, Land purchase just to name a few variables. The whole project should also make business sense.

Call me for a no-cost no obligation Consultation.

Dominik Szabo
Brockway Realty
(832) 844 1724
The Doctor of Real Estate in Houston Texas
" Professional, Courteous, and Informed "

about 8 months ago
Christopher Dayanand
about 7 months ago
Hello Andre,

There are multiple teams that you need to coordinate with and below are some of them

Construction loan
Finally tenants

I know David Weekly builds houses as per your needs. If you google for local builder, I am pretty sure you will get a long list.

Many of these builders will also help you step by step but you have to do all the work. Example - they will tell you that you need to get permit and will also point you where to get it. You have to do that filing part yourself.

The reason I am aware of the above stuff was at one time I was planning to build a single family house on a vacant lot.

Good Luck!

Coldwell Bankers

about 7 months ago
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