Any builders that you recommend? What was your worst experience with a builder?

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Camera Ramirez
About 2 months ago
All builders have pros and cons. Due research for claims and reviews and notice the location (city/state) of the claims. Some builders are easier and friendly than others when it comes to working with Realtors. Bottom line, looking out for your client means finding reputable sights to give your client so they can due their due diligence. We as Realtors never want to come across as choosing one over the other and there are some builders who love to give higher incentives to Realtors. As a Realtor we work for our clients. Go visit different builders and learn the products, from insulation to windows and HVAC systems, etc. Encourage clients to always get an inspection during the building phases - there are 3 if working from the ground up. Spec homes are generally built quicker so be careful in workmanship. Not an exact answer to your question but keep in mind the reviews you receive. In the end, past buyers are your best resource because when they have issues they will complain and they will want to make their issues known to everyone. Use good judgement in reading reviews - know workmanship issues and customer service issues over an unrealistic shattered expectation. **build quality vs product quality = not the same. Product can be top of the line but if the labor crew is not then the completed home can have issues. Good products AND good labor crew are key. For a subdivision with multiple builders, ask if the construction crews are the same for all builders. If so then you are wanting to look at product value.** Hope this gives some insight for your due diligence work. :)
Dimma Wright
About 2 months ago
All builders are not the same across the board. Each builder has their pro/cons as well as locations or sales associates that work for the builders have pros/cons. Depending on my client and what criteria they are looking for will help me to choose which builders will better match their needs. I cannot say I have had a bad experience with a builder or their sales associate and if so it is all about communication. If they are not communicating with me or responding to emails/calls then I will just make it a note to follow up with them more often so they see that I care about my client and their home buying process.
Yvonne Chauvin
About 2 months ago
I've had great experiences with Beazer Homes- both quality, as well as amazing sales reps. Just had wonderful experience with Perry Homes in Magnolia (Escondido). Felicia was amazing to work with and the home they built was solid. A lot depend on sales rep/construction manager teams. My worst experience was with one of the top of the line builders, who's sales rep/construction manager team had a lot to be desired. I was at the construction site more often than the construction manager and was told by the sales rep to "lower my standards and adjust my client's expectations". Will never work with this builder again.
Melissa Sanders
About 2 months ago
I've had positive experiences with Shea Homes, Devon Street and Newmark.
Alpana Romana
About 2 months ago
I have very bad experience with Gehan in marvida, When Betty right contract they charge 10K for big lots, and cul de sec,and no back neighbour. They did not have office in community so they writing contract on katy lakes, so we just trust them, asking also before construction for inspection and never notified.and worse their mortgage company also. Please if you don't loose your clients EM. stay away from that Builders and Betty.
Tracie Benton
About 2 months ago
I have worked with some great builders, and some not so great builders. I don't feel comfortable stating great builders and not so great builders because with time, people can evolve and become better or get worse due to leadership. I would go online to read the reviews for the builders and see if they are good or bad. If they have bad reviews, I would see if the builder responded to the bad review with a solution.
Mark McNitt
About 2 months ago
Reymundo, Builders change just like markets. Some will really be doing well and all of a sudden can go bad. Like many industries they loose great workers to competition and other industries. I recently had a buyer who is building and they have changed the construction supervisor 6 TIMES! And this is a well know reputable builder. Always encourage your clients to do their home work researching builders themselves. Insist on inspections pre-sheetrock and towards closing. Stay in close contact with the buyers lender as rates change and get them locked in before rates increase. You don't build the home but can advise on the contract and guide them through the process while setting expectations. Mark McNitt 832-567-4357 Bernstein Realty
Giselle Kunzat
About 2 months ago
Unfortunately not a lot of good news when it comes to builders, the major problems is the people not the products. I did a deal with KB homes, the sales person was very knowledgeable and helpful, I loved working with him, on the other hands the mortgage side were very slow my client ended up having a lot of bumps on the road till we closed. Another recent deal I had with DR Horton, I was extremely disappointed, very very unprofessional sales team, I ended up reaching out to home office to straighten things out for my client, still I got nowhere, they truly didn’t care to fix their mistakes. DRHorton quality is not as good as it used to be. Sometimes you can see a huge differences based on locations too.
Rebecca Robinson
About 2 months ago
I have had great experiences with K-Hov and Castlerock. I know that Meritage will not allow the realtors to be there during Blue Tape Walkthrough. Highland Homes are the best. The are also employee owned.
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