How do you setup a open house on HAR

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Penny Clissold
About 3 months ago
Only the listing agent can add an open house. They do it under Add/Edit. If you are holding it open for another agent ask them to add it on Monday so you have a week of exposure. Also make sure you flyers have your contact information not the LA.
Richard Luebeck
About 3 months ago
There is a link when editing the listing to add open house and the you can select Broker or Public Open House and times.
Delmy Reyes
About 3 months ago
On HAR enter Matrix (on tabs) select ("My Matrix") ("My Listings") then check the listing box you would like to ADD your Open House too and click ("edit") select ("add Open Houses") then under the Manage Open Houses section you can add your Open House information.
Julie Angilella
About 3 months ago
If you are the listing agent, you can add/edit an open house. You can choose between broker or public open house. You can add/edit as many as you like.
Anne Cummins
About 3 months ago
It's very easy. In Matrix, go to your ADD/EDIT. Select the listing from the drop down. Select FORM - open house and it walks you through selecting date, time and details like refreshments or call for gate code.
Joe Applewhite
About 3 months ago
Go into matrix. Then click the link add/edit. The listing must be active first. For example, if it’s listed as coming soon, the open house option will not be available. Click open house, and remember, public open house is probably the one you want. Broker open house is mainly for agents and brokers only
Judith Vela
About 3 months ago
You have to be the listing agent then you go to add edit and matrix and on the first column look for add/edit open house. Click add Open House and fill in the date and time. That’s i, takes about 20 minutes for it to show up on the MLS. I hope this helped you.
Brittany McKinney
About 3 months ago
As the listing agent you are able to setup open house by selecting Add/Edit Listing under Matrix>selecting add open house>Enter all details> then once updated review to ensure it was added. You also have the option to choose a Brokers Only Open House or Open to the public. If you are requesting to host another open house, you can make that request via your HAR app or Open House Regeistry in Har.
Kiriaki Koymarianos
About 3 months ago
HAR also has an Open House App. Try using that as well
Gabriela DeLaTorre
About 3 months ago
Here are the links for the HAR open house apps. I have used them to delegate another agent to host my listing's open house
Tracie Benton
About 3 months ago
Sign into Matrix Click on Add/Edit on the top menu bar select the property you want to have the open house Under Select Form - Click on Add/Edit Open House Follow Instructions
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