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2023 HAR Board of Directors Candidacy Notification Form

While serving on the HAR Board of Directors is a rewarding experience, there are also expectations that come with being a Director such as:

  • 1 Attendance at HAR board meetings (must attend at least 3).
  • 2 Attendance at the annual Strategic Leadership Conference, which will be held August 24 - 26 in Galveston.
  • 3 Consider investing in TREPAC if not already an investor
  • 4 Service as an ambassador of the Association to promote HAR's products, tools and services and provide information to your firm and the real estate community at large
  • 5 Participation in HAR activities such as HAR Engage, HAR Area Networking meetings and service on Advisory Groups

Serving on the HAR Board of Directors

HAR Campaign and Election Guidelines for a Director Position

Candidates seeking election to a position on the HAR Board of Directors shall:
  • 1 Not state or imply that HAR supports or endorses your election in any manner
  • 2 Not use HAR's trademark or logo in any campaign materials
  • 3 Identify on any campaign materials the person or entity responsible for its publication
  • 4 Not allow the automated texting of campaign materials to any member unless the candidate has the member's written consent to receive such a text in compliance with applicable federal law such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act."campaign materials" means any information about you or the election disseminated in any manner to another person or entity

Deadline to submit the application is Monday, June 13th, 2022 @ 5:00 P.M.