Environmental Assessment Question

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Environmental Assessment
Can and recommend a company that conducts an environmental assessment on properties? Do you know how long something like this takes to complete? Thank you!   

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Kristy Stone
About 2 months ago
RSB does environmental assessments. You can choose how quickly you need it done. It goes up in price per 3 days. They were easy to work with. Corporate Office: 6001 Savoy Dr., Ste. 110 Houston, Texas 77036 832-291-3473 www.rsbenv.com
Glay Posch
About 2 months ago
Here are a few companies: https://www.partneresi.com/about/locations/dallas-texas https://www.crgtexas.com/environmental-site-assessment/ https://rsbenv.com/phase-one-environmental-site-assessment
Anne Cummins
About 1 month ago
It depends what all you are testing. Clean air takes about a week. Also there is the moisture test if it is stucco which is immediate. I like Stucco Spec for that. ...https://www.houstonstuccoinspections.com
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