Chinese Language Floor Plans Sell Houston Luxury Properties

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Chinese language floor plans can now be created to market your luxury real estate in Houston to an international community of buyers.

Actually we can work in multiple languages, but lately the Chinese have shown quite an interest in purchasing luxury Houston properties.

Our interactive floor plans are interlinked with high end custom photography and an in-depth Amenities listing -- providing buyers the information they WANT, no matter what the language!

kirby2727_drClick the floor plan image below to open up the Chinese language* SMARTePLAN  floor plan and  tour the property ---  right here --- right now  in great detail. Once the PDF file opens, if you hold down your CTRL key and roll your mouse wheel up and down it makes it easy to zoom in and out of the drawing so EVERY DETAIL is open to your inspection --- and of course,  clicking any photo arrow will launch the photo right out of the floor plan!




Inside the floor plan are 14 embedded photos that launch at the click of a mouse.  Or read the comprehensive Chinese language Amenities Text listing the features and finishes of the property.  If you want to see the English language version of this high rise condo, you can review that as well.

If you are a multi-lingual real estate agent seeking effective marketing materials in multiple languages, or a home seller, agent, broker, builder or developer wanting to market your property to an international audience ..... we have the tools that can help you prevail in your marketspace.  Give us a call.

Thanks for Dropping By,


Judith, the Floor Plan Lady;  Inventor of  SMARTePLANS,
the Total Marketing System for Luxury Property


*The materials have been translated utilizing Simplified Chinese.

Photography is copyrighted to TK Images of Houston, Texas



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