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Can I sell my house without using a Realtor

Absolutely you can. You can also sell it with a Realtor in it current condition. Here are a few things you should understand, there is a lot to know when selling a home, you should be familiar with the process and necessary paperwork. Missing a critical more...Posted 12 months ago

What the first step of the home buying process?

You need two professionals on your side. One has been mentioned already, a Real Estate agent. We talk to you, figure out your goals and come up with a plan to achieve them. You also need a Mortgage lender unless you plan to pay with cash. A mortgage more...Posted 1 year ago

How do I talk to real estate clients?

Openly and Honestly. If you are an agent, you need to find out and understand their goals. Once you do that, you use your professional expertise to guide them in the right direction to meet those goals. You must be up front, even if you need to tell more...Posted 11 months ago

I have 2 unpaid broken leases 12-14 yrs ago. One included fees for damages. Should I still report this when applying

I agree with everyone. Absolutely be up front. I work quite a bit with tenants facing all sorts of difficulties. Other questions I would ask you: How is Credit, How is Income, and criminal history? Does your previous landlord know that the lease was more...Posted 2 years ago

Apprasial question for previously loved home.

I agree with all previous answers, but the simplest answer if all items are exactly the same as far as sqft, lot size, year built, bedrooms, bathrooms and condition/upgrades, basically you are looking at 2 identical homes, then your answer will be 2 more...Posted 2 years ago

Flexible Property Owners: How do I find flexible property owners in the Houston Area?

It can get difficult Woodbike, the simple answer is call them. I work relatively heavily in the pre foreclosure market and as such a lot of the sellers I work with need assistance with a place to go.nLandlords look at a few things: Credit, Rental history more...Posted 2 years ago

How do I stop Realtor Harassment?

Hey Scott,nnThe others have listed good advice, however there really isn't much avoiding it. There are a lot of motivated call lists agents and investors will hit pretty hard and terminated/withdrawn listings are one of them. Most of these are generating more...Posted 2 years ago

Where are places for older people to live That are Very Young at Heart?

There's a place out in Conroe, Lake forest Falls subdivision that I'm personally in love with. Private lake community, reasonably priced, super active with larger lots. There are a lot of retiree's out there but active homes are super far and in bet more...Posted 3 years ago

Buyer says house didn't meet underwriting requirements. Do they need to provide some documentation of this?

Hey Sarah,nThe answer is yes and I don't think I could spell it out any better than Antonio. I would ask if your listing agent did not provide you with this answer? Posted 3 years ago

If I like a home on har.com, how do I find comps nearby?

I agree Peter, an agent with MLS access will be able to give you the most accurate data. Comps can be a science and it's easy to look at the wrong ones that will give you an inaccurate market value. If you really want to do them yourself, you can search more...Posted 3 years ago

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