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Does Procuring Cause come into play when there is no commission or at all?

I agree, advice from a real estate attorney would be best practice however I could give you some hypothetical answers. If this happened 2 years ago, pretty much any contract between those buyers and their agent are long since over. If you had an agreement more...Posted 4 weeks ago

How do you handle the hydrostatic dum?

Never been in this situation myself, but if it is no longer invasive would the technicians doing the test have insurance that might cover it?Posted 4 weeks ago

i have client wanting to offer on 3.45 acres - they are wanting build apartments - which unimproved contract do i use?

Hi Sofia, nWhen you get into a situation that is beyond your area of expertise, you should really look into finding someone to partner with that can make sure it is done correctly. Your walking into a whole lot more than just what contract you should more...Posted 3 weeks ago

I have 2 two broken leases. One is over 7 years old and the other is about 4. How can I find a Rental Home?

Hi Tatyana,nI completely agree with Grant. An experienced agent can help you overcome these issues. The #1 Key is to find an agent who understands this process and you are comfortable being 100% transparent with. All cards must be on the table so that more...Posted 4 weeks ago

Is there another website to search for owner financed properties?

I just ran a quick search and there were 14 owner financed homes actively for sale in the Tomball area starting from $125,000 to $1.1M. If you are using any other criteria, maybe try removing them so you can see exactly what is there. You can also get more...Posted 3 weeks ago

Changing Closing Costs

Hi Kim,nWould need a little more information to give better input, but what did your agent say? If they are negotiating during the option based off inspections and you haven't signed an amendment during stating you would replace the windows, then you more...Posted 3 weeks ago

My wife and I are looking at a house and we're worried about negotiating after the inspection, can someone help?

This is an old post and I hope you have been able to get where you wanted to be. My first question was, did you have a buyers agent that was representing you solely? A buyers agent works for you and your best interest only and negotiates on your behalf. more...Posted 2 months ago

Seller want to stay past closing day

I agree with Yvonne,nTalk to an attorney immediately. Follow this with your agent as well as their broker to attempt to resolve the issue.nI'm confused as to how you signed a contract that couldn't see. It may be more likely that your agent didn't do more...Posted 1 month ago

If you have asked your realtor several times to remove your listing from H.A.R. and MLS and it is still listed weeks later, what are your remedies?

Hey Stephen,nI would agree with those commenting above. Talk to the Agent, preferably in writing. Escalate to the Broker, again in writing. If you are terminating the listing all together, there is a "Termination of listing" which should be filled out more...Posted 1 month ago

How much is application fee

Hey Crystal,nI agree with the above statements. Typical range is $35-75 per applicant over 18, but it could be significantly higher or lower. I have seen $0.00 before, it really depends on what the landlord is doing. It can be an online application that more...Posted 1 month ago

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