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Me and my wife want to buy a home and renovate the entire house. How would we start this process?

Best way to start is to have a timeline planned out. Remodeling can be stressful, and you'll need to know how much work you want to do, and whether you'll want to live in the house while you are doing the remodeling. Posted 4 years ago

Can a seller terminate the contract during 10 days option period for any reason?

It is possible for the seller to terminate for a very select few reasons. For example, if the earnest money or option money is not delivered within 3 days (with some exceptions like weekends and holidays), the seller may have the right to terminate the more...Posted 1 year ago

Addendum for repairs

This question has some great answers already! If you haven't written a repair amendment yet, I think it is necessary to talk to your broker to seek their input and ensure accuracy.Posted 1 year ago

Can you close on the same date license expires?

I think there have been some solid answers so far. I would highly recommend contacting TREC to determine if any steps may be necessary.Posted 1 year ago

When is a good time to buy in Houston tx?

There's a saying I've grown to appreciate..."the best time to buy was yesterday." With the market continuing to drive home prices higher, and interest rates at historic lows, the question becomes when is the right time for you personally? If you are more...Posted 4 years ago

As a consumer, would you ever consider "love at first sight" walking into an "Open House" and saying "this is the one?"

I think that is totally fine, as long as you also do your due diligence on the house! Every person is different, and I have some clients who simply wouldn't think that way, but others would! Do whatever is right for you and your family (including due more...Posted 5 years ago

Should I have my realtor accompany to view open houses?

Yes, it is generally advisable to have the Realtor who is representing you to attend any open houses you go to. Keep in mind, the agent holding the open house represents the seller's best interest, not your own best interest!Posted 4 years ago

how to lease a house

You will need to contact a Realtor who is a part of HAR.Posted 2 years ago

Brokers Open in The Woodlands

Hi Stephen,nnWhen you enter Matrix, go to the add/edit section. That is where the option to add an open house is located. Once you select that option, you can change it to a broker's open. This will allow broker's to see that option on the MLS. Best more...Posted 1 year ago

What repairs are needed for this property?

Hi Char - could you please share the address if possible? I would recommend hiring an inspector to determine what repairs may be needed, and it may be necessary to have additional inspections done by licensed professionals (HVAC, plumbing, electrical, more...Posted 1 year ago

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