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Are the Katy / Sugar Land areas a good investment for rental homes in the mid-200k price range?

You just need to find the house & seller that meet the criteria. 90% of these deals are not on MLS. Get a mentor or join a mentoring group for help in locating deals that work for you. This price range builds appreciation not as much cash flow. Sugar more...Posted 2 days ago

New agent needs direction

You are getting some great advise from this site and else where. The Bible does say stop praying and get to work. Be very careful of the high fees & commission splits. Many larger brokerage at 30% split without other fees they charge could force you more...Posted 2 months ago

Client wants a lease purchase

Many years ago investors like to do lease options. Mostly a total ripoff for buyer. Now we say lease purchase, no option fee to buy. Tenant and landlord both being fair. Landlord my want to do a 1031 exchange and just needs time to find next deal. Tenant more...Posted 3 months ago

Renting or Buying which one are you?

Buying if staying put for at least 2 years. If renting and saying put get yourself in position to buy. HAR is the only place to look. Most all other sites pull from HAR. Posted 4 months ago

How do I find places that will allow felons to live on their property?

There is not an eraser for the past. Start using the pencil for the future. Write a letter, add it to your application. Tell how you have and are changing your life. Like going to church, good work history, positive things you are doing in the community. more...Posted 5 months ago

What areas to buy rental properties in Houston?

1. Close to where you liven2. in a great ISDn3. Priced below 150Kn4. Where you can find the dealn5. You question is vague there are many factors that vary for each investor.n6. Do you want single family houses or Aptsn7. Office, industrial, trailer park, more...Posted 4 months ago

Best Real Estate Broker for new agent ?

Go with a broker that not going to bankrupt you with fees like many of the franchise brokerage. Find one or someone that will mentor you. Many large brokers have lots of training, however no hands on help with your deal. I like being with Walzel Properties more...Posted 8 months ago

What do you think Harvey's impact will be on Houston's Real Estate Market?

As with anything supply & demand determines the price. After Harvey the demand is very high and available real estate very low. Initial the prices will go up a little. Lenders apprisers will keep prices in check. Greed will have less than the greedy more...Posted 2 years ago

When should I consult my sellers to give carpet allowance?

Carpet allowance makes about as much cents as telling the renter to have the carpet cleaned before they move in. How many days on market do you think that took the landlord to lease a dirty worn out smelly carpet. Lets not be lazy here replace and repaint more...Posted 2 years ago

How do I find Zero Lot Line

Call me, are call a Realtor we can all locate you houses with whatever criteria you are looking for. Posted 2 years ago

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