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Buyer's or Seller's Market?

It depends on who's asking. Set proper expectations with all clients whether they are buyers or sellers. The best answer for this market: Balanced. Does it really matter? No. What matters is pricing a home within market range. Hopefully sellers expectations more...Posted 3 days ago

Expecting heavy rain during Open House

We love to do them. However If weather is really bad sellers don't really want people traipsing through their homes with wet shoes. Floors and carpets can be damaged and then there's the slip and fall hazards. You be the judge but let owners know more...Posted 3 days ago

Can a status be changed from Pending to Pending Continue to Show

If seller/client agree to continue to show the home even while under contract shouldn't violate any terms of the contract. Additionally there shouldn't be anything in the contract stating seller has to lower the contract price to meet the appraiser's more...Posted 2 weeks ago

I am looking for a competent agent to service upscale lisitings and buyers

Asad,nnThis is for your team or what exactly? I would be more than happy to spend a few minutes discussing with you on the phone to gain a better understanding of how or if we could work together. Posted 2 weeks ago

Can the landlord charge for regular wear and tear

Normal wear and tear is acceptable. It sounds as if there was exceptional wear and tear if landlord is required to paint entire home and I assume deep clean the carpets. This is a gray area as there is no hard definition of normal wear and tear. It more...Posted 4 months ago

What is involved in selling my house to a family member for cash?

Why family? They expect special deals and then think they got taken! If you must:nnIts a non-arms length transaction. Taxing authorities don't lend much credence to sales price if not on the market. Just make it simple and use the promulgated forms more...Posted 4 months ago

Looking for a couple of good general handy men in the Cypress area. Anyone have recommendations?

Local hardware stores may know of some guys but requires a trip out there. Always try Angies list or Check a pro. Posted 4 months ago

My client asked to terminate his contract. He's being inandated with calls to list from realtors. Can we stop the calls?

Its hard. A bunch of overly aggressive little birds out there trained to do just that: call expireds and terminateds. Often its best to withdraw from mls and let listing expire as dated, at least the calls wont start right away. You could also post more...Posted 5 months ago

What is the best way for advertising for new agents?

Much of what the previous agents posted is a good means towards gaining a client. These include things all agents should be doing whether they are new or in this business 40 years. The best way to not get discouraged is to not waste any money on advertising more...Posted 5 months ago

How do I pay my bill

I don't know, I have a Marsha.Posted 6 months ago

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