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How long is a house staying on the market right now ? A minimum of how long ??

Always to long for Sellers, priced to beat the competition in your area will always expedite the process.Priced Higher than competition turtle race. nMin. i would say 5 days so all the possible buyers have enough time to see the home and the seller can more...Posted 5 years ago

I'm new to Real Estate and want to know the names of neighborhoods by zip codes. where would I look?

http://www.zipmap.net/Texas/Harris_County/Houston.htmnnZoom in to an individual zip code and it will give the neighborhoods, a lot of inner loop neighborhoods overlap zip codes. Posted 5 years ago

compensation agreement before a buyers agent will bring a buyer to me?

Yes there is a form and it's recommended. I am sure any experienced agent will ask for this agreement if they are in the same situation. nnIt protects the agent if he/she brings the buyer and guarantees they will be paid for their work. nnMaybe this more...Posted 6 years ago

Is there a site similar to this for the state of Colorado?

It all depends on which part of Colorado your looking to live. Below are all the different MLS in the state, some are viewable by the public others are not. nnAspen Glenwood Springs MLS (AGSMLS)nCentral Colorado MLS (CCMLS)nChaffee County MLS (CCBMLS)nColorado more...Posted 6 years ago

How many homes will the average renter look at before renting

Depends on the person and their Realtor, if you can do all the legwork before meeting (criteria,wants/needs,budget,lifestyle). Normally anywhere from 4-10 max. nnEnough to prove to them this is the best fit for them at the best price currently on the more...Posted 6 years ago

What does "oversized garage" mean. Is there a standard size for an "oversized garage?"

May also mean the length is longer the standard 20" ft, most extended cab trucks will not fit in a normal size and need the extra 2-6 ft. Posted 6 years ago

How to open land lock?

Offer to Buy an easement from them Posted 6 years ago

Upside potential under current oil price slump

Sorry it's not going to be like the crash in 2007-2009, Fed. Govt changed regulation so property owners have more money/equity in properties even builders. Buyers interest rates are still low and they have to go up really soon, for the rest of the U.S./Banks, more...Posted 6 years ago

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