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My husband came home and told me his partner (lets call him Joe) was going to have to find a new place to rent. The place he had rented for more than two years was no longer rentable.


This is what happened:


The previous weekend an old woman had come to Joe’s door and asked him what was he doing in her house. He said lady I rent this house and have done so for a few years. She advised him that she had been away for some time and she had never put the house up for rent. My husband’s partner gave the lady the landlords phone number to have it straightened out with him. She said she would and was coming back with the sheriff.


The next day was rent day. The renter never showed up to collect rent. Joe called his cell # and the number had been disconnected. Which was strange. This didn’t sound good already to Joe.


Sure enough the Sheriff and the lady came back with proof that it was her house. Joe had to let them in and she wanted to know where her furniture was. He told her the rent guy took every thing but the piano. That he had given it to him because it was just too hard to move out. Joe said it wasn’t bothering him and let it sit where it had sat for so many years.


The sheriff asked Joe how did he come to rent the house. Joe said I was driving by and saw a sign that said, “HOUSE for RENT”; with a number. He called it and the “owner” said he could rent it with no credit check…. That his job was his credit! (Heard that one before?)

The only communication Joe had was through the cell phone number. In any case Joe had rented the house for at least two years before this woman had come back.


Joe didn’t get in trouble…however, the lady lost all her furniture, Joe almost went to jail but the neighbors confirmed that a guy came by and picked up rent every two weeks.

Everyone was in shock. And this is a funny story… whether it is true or not I don’t know cause when guys get together they can string a very long yarn….. but it does give this realtor pause for thought.

Sussie Sutton

Sussie Sutton... Your Realtor

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Comments (3)

i am looking for a house to rent but from the story you just shared makes me very leary about who i rent from and will have me probing their credibilty.
Posted by: glenda broomfield
i am looking for a house to rent but from the story you just shared makes me very leary about who i rent from and will have me probing their credibilty.
Posted by: glenda broomfield
Great real estate story! In my counrty i have many funny stories about renting an apartment. I work as accommodation provider in Minsk - Belarus by and in February 2012 i helped to moove in for one man from USA.After a few hours of living in this apartment the one found out that there is no heat in the apartment. It was headache for both of us...
Posted by: natasha seber

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