Triple Your Repeat and Referral Business

The goal of this course is to provide real estate professionals with the information needed to build their repeat and referral business by building trust in customers, clients and fellow agents. Agents will learn how to work leads to generate more leads, transition from passively accepting occasional referrals to a pro-active referral mind set, and make the connection between their “brand” and referral success. Participants will walk away with practical and applicable information that they can immediately begin to implement in their business model

Cost: $25.00

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December 6th (Mon)

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
December 6th (Mon)
Texas Realtors®
Live Virtual Class
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Triple Your Repeat and Referral Business - Real Estate education course can be found using Real Estate Course Finder. The Triple Your Repeat and Referral Business is provided by Texas Realtors® and offers CE TREC credit hours.

Policy: Full refunds will be given to students who cancel up to 48hrs before all courses. Tuition fees are non-transferrable. *Class will start on time. Late comers will forfeit their seat and TREC credit attached to the class.


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