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Previous experience in the Pest Control industry, and in the Home and Business Financing as a Senior Loan Officer. My primary concern is to focus my efforts on understanding my client's needs and desires, so I can use the best of my resources to surpass their expectations. With the time I have became and expert on Foreclosures and on Short Sales dealing with the HAFA program, and I keep a good relationship with homebuilders to get my clients the highest discounts on new homes. Under my belt I have the Certified Negotiations Expert designation, I believe that negotiations is fundamental when it comes to Real Estate. To take advantage of every available opportunity to achieve the best deal for your buyers and your sellers. My greatest joy is when I talk to a prospect client, and they tell me that "they can't buy," or that "they had been told that they couldn't buy." Just by briefly talking to them I can picture on my mind the strategy that needs to be taken and by referring them to the right lender, in no time they became homeowners, businesswise that is one of the greatest rewards. The other great reward on this business is when I run into a homeowner that is in danger of losing their home. I can proudly say that I have helped several individuals save their home from foreclosure, some I have even assist them in avoiding short-sale. That is a mixture of creativity and knowledge of the system.

Among my hobies is go back in time digging in a History Book, learning about the different cultures, people, and geography. Fan of the History, Military Channel, TLC, Science, and Discovery Channels. I also play tennis and walk often around Kingwood Lakes.

I love nature and animals. Animals, in particular, have this very sincere look that tells me they are very noble beings. To me, animals play a vital role in making this world so especial. Lots of time when I am down, just by seeing one little squirrel or running into a lizard makes me remember that there are other important things in life that we miss so often, especially when tensions and stress pull us away from the simplicity of life

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