Top Agents Real Estate

Gbenga Xtian Lajayi


Christian is the Broker owner at Top Agents Real Estate. He came into the real estate industry 16 years ago with management background and a solid business experience: He was the Senior Manager @ Colibri Corporation (Park Lane Associates), President/Owner @ G'S  Auto Dealership, President @ Heritage Investments Group, Principal Broker at Top Agents Real Estate Rhode Island, 2004 – Present. And a Tax Practitioner @ Certified Public Accountant / Enrolled Agent Firm. Leveraging his experience as a successful business owner, a common thread was an ability to drive sales, but also to help others be more successful.  Christian is known for outstanding client service,  24/7 availability, high tech marketing techniques, personal touches and a skilled negotiator with client's best interest at heart. He educates his clients throughout the process; armed with top notch information and market insight to enable his clients make the best decision possible. He is a staunch leader with reputation for tirelessly protecting his client's interest by taking time to listen and learn about clients needs, wants and desires: He's always current with the market to help clients when buying or selling by using innovative marketing plans and techniques· He uses his experience and foresight to proactively address details before they become a problem. AT TOP AGENTS, YOU ARE A PRIORITY ONE!