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I would like you to know that it is a practice of Taylor Made Properties to provide the best possible service to our clients and customers. Although, I am a small independent company, I offer the advantages of the “full focus” on marketing your property. Standing behind the TaylorMade name is 16 years of Real Estate Industry professionalism and customer service. Not only am I a member of, and actively participate in the National, State and Local chapters of the Association of Realtors, I seek constant self-improvement by way of industry education. My most recent accomplishment would be receiving the Quality Service Certification Designation. This certification allows my clients and customers to rate my performance level on predetermined service criteria. The survey is issued by a third party via e-mail. Once the survey is complete it can be accessed by the public attesting to my service quality. Additionally, by combining state of the art property listing techniques with up-to-date management techniques, specifically those of residential property, I plan to market your property vigorously, all while keeping you diligently informed.

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