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Stanley John Realtors welcome you. We are glad you chose to visit our website. From helping you understand the Residential or Commercial Real Estate market, we also help you with getting loans for purchasing your next piece of land, residential or commercial property. Stanley John Realtors came about when Stanley Mani, an accredited Real Estate Agent and loan officer joined John Varghese, a reputed Real Estate Broker and top Real Estate Producer in Houston. Together, they envisioned Stanley John Realtors to join their combined expertise and give their clients the complete Real Estate experience. Give us a call today! What we believe: Real Estate is not only a business transaction for us. It is different in that we form human relationships and new boundaries with each successful Real Estate deal. With new friendships formed daily and new horizons to travel to, we take pride in representing you; our client even after the deal is over. We believe that doing our job correctly and providing you excellent service help us to earn your trust for life. We’d like to be your Real Estate Agency by first choice and for life. To achieve this ambitious goal, we constantly update our learning and renew our licenses, learn better interaction skills, train our staff and take serious pride in broadening and understanding our experiences daily. Stanley John Realtors stand behind their clients all the way. We pledge our knowledge and service to you for life. After making your home purchase with us, you may have questions on property taxes, need other advice on Real Estate, and may decide to invest in Real Estate. We will be there to answer your questions and answer your questions. We understand and appreciate that your valuable referrals to other customers ensures our daily success. We take our business seriously, work hard, and ensure that you are happy with your purchase. We want you to know that Stanley John Realtors will be around to help you
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