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The "off-MLS" listing, sometimes referred to as a "pocket listing," is when a real estate agent represents the property but does not enter it into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

In most markets around the country, that might not be as big an issue as it in those across Texas. If a home is not entered into the MLS, then it does not appear on HAR.com. HAR.com typically gets between two to three million visitors in any given month. That’s a lot of consumers who wouldn't otherwise see a property for sale. If you haven’t been to HAR.com in a while, I encourage you to check it out, as our site now displays property listings for the entire state of Texas.

Only your Realtor can list your property in the MLS—and get it displayed on HAR.com. If there's one place you definitely want your home to be marketed when it is available for sale, it is HAR.com.

There are certainly other downsides to not having your home listed in the MLS as well.

The more people who see your home, the more likely you are to receive an offer—and a higher offer. The more people who see your home, the more likely that it will sell faster. The more people who see your home, the more likely that it will result in an offer from a qualified buyer.

If your home isn't on the MLS, you may well be leaving money on the table.

While there are “hot” areas of any community, there are also areas that are more "normal," so you wouldn't want to miss out on that one buyer who has been looking for the perfect house (yours) but they never even know it is available for sale.

For what is most people's most valuable asset, you obviously want to receive as much as possible for it when selling.

The MLS has been called the most successful marketing tool in the history of real estate, and HAR.com is arguably the most successful marketing platform throughout the greater Houston area, and also packs statewide reach.

Talk to your Realtor today about the MLS and why it is so important to have your property included on the award-winning HAR.com.

Published date on HAR.com: Jul. 10, 2018


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