How do you stay current on coming changes and trends in the industry?

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How do you stay current on coming changes and trends in the industry?

By Veronica Mullenix   
Posted on Jan 02, 2014 in Topic: Realtor Only
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  • With so much change happening in our industry, share the resources you use to keep yourself current. What are your favorite news sources?
    about 5 years ago
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Posted: 5 years ago
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Darby Grimmett
about 5 years ago
I enjoy reading the monthly real estate publications I receive as well as the weekly real estate section in The Chronicle - yes, I really do read all these in paper form! ;)

Our market center keeps us abreast of monthly real estate trends in our market area as well as important changes in laws, rules are regulations in the industry. They provide weekly opportunities for growth and education as well.

And, of course, I am always on HAR!

about 5 years ago
Ronald Camacho
about 5 years ago
My favorite news sources are Housingwire and DS News magazines and newsletters and MBA NewsLink.

My company is revising our website and I am completely relying on a younger brain to keep me in the loop with what is fresh on the IT side. I tell hom to surprise me and make it look great!

I use a smart-phone/laptop and I engage in social-networking and google-group meetings but get the most satisfaction from using the telephone. With all the messaging and texting, I feel that folks have forgotten that the telephone still works as a great means to communicate. Who moved my rocker? lol


MBA NewsLink

about 5 years ago
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