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Aug 29, 2022 493 Answer a Question

how can I add my picture on HAR?

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Stacy Burgin
About 2 months ago
You can add your picture on under agent profile
Richard Luebeck
About 2 months ago
You can add it in your profile in matrix.
Bob Christian
About 2 months ago
Using the members only portal, click “My account” on the left toolbar. Then drop down to “Your Photo”. From there you can “upload new photo” and you will be all set. I hope this helps.
Julie Angilella
About 2 months ago
From your members only portal go to "my account" (on the left side of the page). Scroll down to "personalize information". Click "your photo". You can now "Upload new photo" I hope this helps.
Maira Quintanilla
About 2 months ago
Under my account, it will give you the options to add and modify your profile/website. This is also an option from your mobile app.
Joe Applewhite
About 2 months ago
Go to In the top right, where your pictures should go, click that drop-down box and select “view profile”. Now, in the area where your background picture should be, you will see a small logo for a pencil that shows you can edit. Click that and you will see all the different areas you can edit on your profile.
Tracie Benton
About 2 months ago
Go to your agent profile and you will see how upload your picture
Ommy Darawan Buayan
About 1 month ago
Log into you HAR, Click members only portal, Click Tools on the left hand side, Click website and blog, Click manage your website, Click Profile, Click Edit on Photo, Click upload new photo, choose your photo, Click upload.
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