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Sarah Murphy

How quickly should an application be submitted?

If seeking to rent a home, should we submit an application prior to viewing a home in person?

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How quickly should an application be submitted?

By Sarah Murphy   
Posted on Jun 06, 2018 in Topic: General
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If seeking to rent a home, should we submit an application prior to viewing a home in person?
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Posted: 2 weeks ago
Topic: General
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Cassandra Vickers
about 2 weeks ago
You should always view the property in person to see if it's a good fit for you. If you submit an application and it's accepted, then change your mind because you didn't view the property first, you will waste money on application/ administrative fees.

about 2 weeks ago
Veronica Mullenix
about 2 weeks ago
When leasing (or buying) a home it is always the prudent thing to tour the property before submitting an application. There could be details about the property that are not captured by the photos or the remarks that could influence your decision to live there. For example, I had a client who saw a home online and immediately wanted to make an offer site-unseen. It was a home that had everything they were asking for. I insisted we stop and see it first. Glad we did. There was an abandoned home all boarded up and yard overgrown, an atrocious eyesore, just three doors down! And, the connecting street leading up to this "perfect" home was rough - full of pot holes and grossly uneven. Buyers said "I cannot tolerate driving through a landmine daily just to get to and from my home; and I don't want to walk my dog or have my kids riding bikes past this abandoned home.." The listing was a perfect home for them online; but, its surroundings were far less than perfect! Go see the home you are considering in person first.

about 2 weeks ago
Yvonne Chauvin
about 1 week ago
Hi Sarah,

Not only you should see the home first, but you should look at more than one. Renting a home is a commitment, so before submitting an application, make sure you like the house, the neighborhood amenities and the schools (if applicable).
And if I may add unsolicited advice- also consider purchasing renter's insurance as well as renter's flood insurance (for your possessions).
Good luck in your search and enjoy! It actually IS fun!

Yvonne Chauvin, Realtor
Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene

about 1 week ago
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