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KerriLyn Brown

What type of programs are Available for first time homeowners?

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What type of programs are Available for first time homeowners?

By KerriLyn Brown   
Posted on Feb 04, 2018 in Topic: Home Buying
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Posted: 12 months ago
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Rhonda Ferris
about 11 months ago
There are many loan programs out there for first time home buyers as well as other types of loan that are available to all. You will want to contact a couple of lenders to find out what they have to offer you. There are many factors that go into purchasing a home but the FHA program is probably the most used finance type. Also, depending on the area you are wanting buy in, the USDA is an excellent program as well. They all have different requirements and guidelines so getting with a good lender is your best direction.

Rhonda Ferris
Sales Associate
RE/MAX Associates Northeast

about 11 months ago
Carel Bosman
about 11 months ago
If you have already started researching First Time Home Buyers Assistance Programs you are on the right path. I agree that the best thing to do is speak to at least a few different mortgage lenders and officers who specialize in these programs. Not all are so willing to participate in these programs and will offer alternative options, for this reason, I always encourage being able to compare one to another and not just settle for the first opportunity to present itself. Of course, you want to do your research regardless and be in control of all the facts. With that being said, there are some great programs available out there. For further information, have a look below:

Hope this helps,

Carel Bosman
Keller Williams Memorial

More information on state and local programs:

Here is a helpful article by Forbes:


about 11 months ago
Francois Delille
about 11 months ago
Lending is becoming easier and there is tons of programs for first time homebuyers.
I can refer you to one of the lender I partner with if you wish. / 713 397 8857

about 11 months ago
Christopher Dayanand
about 11 months ago
There are all type of new programs for first time homeowners. The most important one is reduced down payment. Reach out to me and I can refer to couple of mortgage lenders who will lead you all the way from getting pre-approval to closing.


about 11 months ago
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