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cindy collins

broken lease two years ago is there hope

I've had a broken lease with an old apt complex over moving out a week early. need two move out of my current apt

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broken lease two years ago is there hope

By cindy collins   
Posted on Feb 11, 2017 in Topic: Affordable Housing
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I've had a broken lease with an old apt complex over moving out a week early. need two move out of my current apt
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Posted: 1 year ago
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Beth Cervenka
about 1 year ago
Your best option is to check with a lender and see if you can get pre-qualified. Check your credit score with credit and see if you need to dispute something by writing a letter to the credit agencies. Mortgage brokers can be helpful in finding the right loan for you. Let me know if I can answer any other questions.

about 1 year ago
Jordan Schilleci
about 1 year ago
Hi Cindy!

There are many factors in being able to answer you question fully. The reasoning behind why you broke your lease is important. Also finding a house for lease that does not use a management company is typically key. Are you able to put down an additional deposit, if necessary? I have helped people with broken leases get into places, so I know there is hope. I wish you the best of luck!

If you are not already working with a real estate agent, I would love to assist you.
:) Jordan Schilleci, REALTOR®, United Real Estate - Houston.
Call/Text 832-493-6685

about 1 year ago
Darby Grimmett
about 1 year ago
Good morning!

Please work with a realtor to get a complete application filled out, including detailed explanations for broken leases! If your realtor knows your situation, he/she can explain this to the landlord's agent.

While most landlords factor in the whole picture, which is the reason you should be up front about everything, any time there is a broken lease it requires an explanation up front. Broken leases are a concern for landlords, unless it were for reasons related to relocation, military, etc. If they do get comfortable with it, there is a likely chance they will ask for extra deposit, and that's normal. Ninety-nine percent of Landlords will require background and credit. Just know that this is the reason you are up front about any hardships you have come across. It is better to explain this ahead of time, before the landlord has to ask questions about it. I have helped several families who had experienced hard times secure leases b/c everything was laid out on the table! Again, the reason for the broken lease and hit to credit will be key!

I hope this was helpful.

Darby Grimmett / KW / / 936-827-9217

about 1 year ago
Pamela Banks
about 9 months ago
Happy 4 of July. Hope you found a place. If not and you still need assistance let me know. I do apartment locating at no cost to you. We welcome referrals. Let us assist you in your next move. We can begin looking in advance. Strongtower Realty & Mgmt.... Pamela Banks. 832-423-8303. Let us team together to move you toward home ownership during this lease period.

about 9 months ago
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