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New Homes How To's

If you are interested in purchasing a NEW home, there are many things that you should know BEFORE visiting the model home. You will learn that building a new home can be both exciting and stressful. If you understand the process, you can relish the exciting parts and minimize the parts that might cause anxiety. You will be told to keep in mind that the home building process may vary from builder to builder, especially if you are building an elaborate custom home. It is essential to talk with the on-site agent or builder about his or her specific new construction procedures. As a former New Homes Sales Consultant, I am well aware of what to expect during the final walk-through and inspections conducted by the builder, city and county. You will need to be sure to attend the final walk-through and any inspections the builder conducts to ensure that things are as stated in the contract. Most importantly, did you know that you have every right to to hire your own inspector to do additional reviews during construction process? Just because you are building a new home, does not mean that it may/may not have some issues. I will work with the builder prior to the start of construction to schedule inspections and reviews, so that there are no surprises or delays because of the lack of communication. My goal is to build a trusting and understanding relationship between you, the buyer, and the the builder and its representatives.
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