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Real Estate Wise, LLC

Real Estate Wise

I am over the ,”The Guru Party”, business model.  Those that don’t know what that means; I will in short say it’s the FLASHY RICH AGENT.  The one that everyone wants to be like and will pay for the program to make you just like them.

I believe it takes more than just a study course and a license to handle one’s most valuable asset AND ACCESS TO YOUR PERSONAL EFFECTS!!! Let’s look at this a little closer.  

Please tell me who manages your money?  Who handles your 401k, Roth, IRA, or Investments?

I am pretty sure that this person is held to a strict requirements:

  1. College Degree

  2. Pass an in-depth background check.

  3. Pass several licensing (Series 7, 63 or 65, Life Insurance).

  4. RegulatedFINRA

With the above requirements don’t you think that you should hire someone like myself that has all of the above in mind when it comes to your real estate transactions? I have supported some of the most successful financial advisors in the industry.  I have what it takes combining, the investment aspects, the legalities of a real estate transaction, and the personal aspects of a real estate purchase or sale.  I simply ask that you interview your agent:

  1. Ask yourself would you trust this person with your $200k, $300k…..or even $800k?

The real estate industry as a whole is saturated. Everyone knows a REALTOR®, but being one is more than a title.  I am hoping to set the stage for my clients that hiring me is more valuable than the obvious.

Mary Beth Brennan the Wisest Name in Real Estate

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