Real Estate transactions can be overwhelming, my mission is to make your real estate experience smoother and easier. Whether you want to buy, sell or rent, give me a call and I will get the best deal for you!
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Lyda is a realtor very dedicated to her work, she is very professional, I recommend her 100%.
Buyer's feedback on Smoke Rock Dr Drive on 11/25/2020


"Home is where the heart is" …
I was born in Russia and raised in Cuba. I attended college in Valencia, Spain and took a scholarship exchange at the University of Guanajuato, Mexico, where I finished my degree in Tourism and Hospitality. I then came to Texas to reunite with my family and started my life, met my husband here and we have a beautiful daughter. I am in love with Texas and its people, its food, its traditions and diversity, that's why I made it my home. The time that I spent in different countries helped me understand and live among different people with diverse cultures and traditions. This also allowed me to quickly adapt to a new cultural and social environment and empathize with others that come from different places to start a new life in Texas.
I´ve always been altruistic. In my years of experience in customer service, I learned that we, as human beings, remember experiences that made us feel happy, comfortable and confident, but we particularly remember the bad ones. I decided to get into the real estate business because of my own personal experience buying a house, it was a very difficult and stressing process, especially because of the lack of communication from the sales agent. I don´t want anybody to feel overwhelmed like I did. Therefore, my main goal is understanding my client´s needs and expectations when they are in the process of finding a home to buy, lease or sell. Communication is key, so I thrive to provide my clients with the tools and guidance to make the whole experience smooth and easy. If you are thinking about selling your house, buying a new one, or moving out of your apartment complex, I can help you, even if you have questions on how to start the process, which steps to follow, give me a call and I will make a priority to find what´s best for you and your family.



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