Residential Leases - From the Beginning

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MAY 7th 2021 (Fri)
09:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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This class meets the 3 hour TREC contracts requirement for your license renewal.

This is a basic class concerning the TEXAS REALTORS® Residential Lease. This class concentrates on the content of the Residential Lease form, customary addenda, and how to correctly complete it all. It is primarily designed for agents who want to maintain a high level of knowledge on how to complete the lease and addenda which customarily accompany the document. This is a paragraph by paragraph, blank by blank class with the primary goal that the students become more comfortable with the content and can explain it correctly and flawlessly to their clients (without practicing law without a license). Each fill-in-the-blank will be covered, each paragraph will be explained, and the student will be guided to methods to be sure the information is correct.


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