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Drew went out of his way on several occasions to make the sale work. I can't thank him enough for making a rough sale successful in the end!
Seller's feedback on Common Street on 05/01/2021


Drew Platt has been a licensed realtor for over 20 years, handling both commercial and residential transactions. In that time, he has been an active broker in Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, and now Texas. Drew moved to Houston in 2008, and has since enjoyed familiarizing himself with the city, especially its inner loop neighborhoods. He has used this to his advantage since coming to Boulevard Realty, where he works with a considerable mix of buyers, sellers, tenants, landlords, and investors. This breadth of experience spanning so many different aspects of real estate and locations gives him a unique ability to adapt and thrive in a variety of real estate scenarios.Drew's interpersonal strengths include being a great listener and having excellent recall, both of which he puts to use in his active communication with current clients. Drew's dedication and passion for real estate are not just seen in his interactions with clients, but also in his commitment to putting in the work day in and day out at the Boulevard Realty office. This gives him good awareness of what's going on at the firm and keeps him plugged into neighborhood happenings. He is known around the office as a "go-to" guy and is one of the first people that comes to mind for referrals.One of Drew's main interests outside of real estate is his furniture business. He designs and fabricates furniture out of reclaimed materials. Part of what he's loved about taking root in Houston is the popularity of art fairs and pop-up shops. By frequently participating in these opportunities for Houston's growing community of makers, Drew has been put in touch with numerous other craftsmen, artisans, and local business owners. He is especially fond of events like the Heights' First Saturday Arts Market which allow him stay involved in local neighborhoods.

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Phone: (713) 862-1600
Fax: (713) 862-2965