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Is Rent-to-own Right, Right Now?

With a minimum credit score requirement of 550, Divvy Homes opens up home-ownership for many here in HTX.

Rising interest rates are putting more and more aspiring homeowners between a rock and a hard place. When you can’t afford a mortgage for your dream home, you can compromise on a lesser house (if it even exists in your area). Or keep renting, forgo equity, and cross your fingers that things will change. 

Or you can take the third option: a stepping stone between renting and a traditional mortgage that makes your dream home accessible now.

Divvy does just that with lower upfront costs and monthly payments, pre-set purchase prices, and the option for built-in down payment savings that can grow alongside your home’s appreciation. From day one, we plan for every customer to own their home, all while giving them the freedom to walk away at any point, sacrificing just a 2% relisting fee. 

Want to check if you qualify? Send  me a quick email to and I will send you an invitation link to review.

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