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When can I start using Matrix MLS?
  • You can start now. Matrix is fully functional and accessible after logging into www.HAR.com.

When will Tempo go away?
  • November 14, 2017. We encourage members to start making the transition to Matrix now so your business is not interrupted when Tempo goes away.

When will Fusion go away?
  • October 17, 2017. We encourage members to start making the transition to Matrix now so your business is not interrupted when Fusion goes away.

Why are we changing systems?
  • Tempo and Fusion are being discontinued by our vendor, CoreLogic. HAR has been using Tempo for the past 15 years and is the last MLS in the country still using Tempo. Fusion requires Flash an older technology not supported on iOS devices and being phased out of popular browsers. Matrix is the MLS platform being supported into the future by our vendor, CoreLogic and currently supports over 700,000 agents across North America.

How do I get Matrix training?
  • Visit the training section on this page or www.har.com/edu to register for hands on training, access online webinars and preview video tutorials. HAR recommends previewing an online webinar to get started and then taking the free, 4 hour MCE approved Matrix Overview class to get the most out of Matrix.

Does Matrix work on my iPad?
  • Yes. Matrix works on iPad and tablet browsers just as it does on a desktop browser.

Does Matrix work on a mobile phone browser?
  • Yes. Matrix automatically recognizes your phone’s browser and displays a "mobile friendly" version of Matrix for smart phones providing basic search, carts and hotsheets. There is also a link to "Full Site" if you prefer to view the desktop version of Matrix on your phone browser. Please note: there is no mobile app to download, Matrix functions using your phones web browser.

Helpful Tips

  • Prospects entered in Tempo are copied to Matrix every 30 minutes. Contacts you create directly in Matrix will not be over-written by Prospects copied from Tempo.

Saved searches
  • Saved searches and contacts were copied from Tempo and Fusion to Matrix on February 14th. Saved searches tied to a prospect will remain tied to that prospect in Matrix.

  • This process will run again in October and copy all Saved searches and contacts as of that date. Any changes after that date will not be copied to Matrix.

Email Auto-notifications
  • You can begin using the Matrix auto-notification and Client Portal but remember to disable them in Tempo/Fusion or so your clients don’t receive emails from both systems.
    Tempo and Fusion auto-notification emails will continue to run until you disable them.

Exporting Listings
  • When exporting listings, an agent can either use the system default exports or create a “Custom Export” and select the fields to include in the download file. You can control the order, include column headers, and choose the file format (field separator) of either Comma (CSV) or Tab (TXT).
    Please refer to any 3rd party applications you may be using to determine which format is needed.
    "Custom Exports" can be created by hovering over 'My Matrix' and then clicking on ‘Settings’. Click on 'Custom Exports' and then 'Add Export'. Select fields to include, column headers and file format then give it a name and click “Save”. It's now available to select on every search you run.
    In order to Export listings from Matrix, run a search and then select the listing(s) to export. Click on the 'Export' button at the bottom of the search results page. Next, select the ‘Export file format'. Here you can choose the default "All Fields" or select a "Custom Export" you’ve created. Click on 'Export' and a save window will open where you name the file and save it to your PC. Note: When you click "Export" some browsers automatically download the file to your PCs "download" folder.

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