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While working as a server in Fort Myers, FL, I was approached by a manager of a wireless technology company to join his sales team. I happily accepted the job offer and worked for the company for seven years, relocating twice within the company to help establish new markets and mentor new sales agents. Moving to Houston, I made a switch to car sales. In both industries, I loved having meaningful conversations with clients in order to find solutions that meet their needs and wants. I am the kind of person that wants to continually be on the move and needs the stimulation of new scenery in order to stay alert and active. With my career in real estate, I am able to use my love of meeting client needs while being on the move - touring homes, working from my desk, from my car, or from home.

I love beautiful houses. I enjoy seeing unique architecture. I can easily envision the things it would take to make an empty house a home. I love interior design and could spend hours on Pinterest scouring the millions of home decorating photos. With Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene, I enjoy the connection with Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, which is always full of such awe-inspiring images and practical advice for home owners.

I am an avid reader, and since moving to Houston, I've read numerous books about Houston's history. I've learned about the growth of Houston from a real estate perspective, including the cultural, environmental, and financial factors that have influenced Houston's growth.

I'm also an active traveler and foodie. I love visiting other cities, other states, and other countries, meeting new people from various cultures. Since moving to Houston, I've been happily eating my way around the greater Houston area, from Indian and Italian to Cantonese and Japanese to Tex Mex and Texas BBQ and everything in between!



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