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Myths About Todays Housing Market [INFOGRAPHIC]
22 April, 2022| Home Selling, Home Buying, Home Builders
Some Highlights If you're planning to buy or sell a home today, its important to be aware of common misconceptions. Whether its timing your purchase as a buyer based on home prices and mortgage... read more
4 Reasons to Buy New Homes. Arnold Magana HAR Plat...
4 April, 2022| Home Buying, Home Builders, Home Remodeling
Buying a home in some markets is like being in a gladiator ring. Multiple rounds of showings and getting into and losing bidding wars can leave you feeling defeated. If youre growing weary of wading... read more
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Welcome to Spring!
28 March, 2022| General, Home Buying, Home Builders
Wed like to welcome you to spring in Houston! Theres pollen everywhere, theres wind, theres warmth, theres rain and cold fronts, its amazing. We are experiencing a very similar market to previous mont... read more
What You Need To Know if You're Thinking About...
25 March, 2022| Home Selling, Home Buying, Home Builders
If you're ready to move up, you may be trying to decide whether you want to buy a home that’s already on the market or build a new one. And since the supply of homes available for sale toda... read more
How an Energy Efficient Home Can Be a Bright Idea...
25 March, 2022| Home Buying, Home Selling, Home Builders
Some Highlights With inflation driving up the cost of everyday items, seeking out an energy-efficient home can be a great way to decrease the expenses you can control. Energy efficiency can help lo... read more
What You Need To Know if Youre Thinking About Buil...
23 March, 2022| Housing Market, Home Builders, Education
Supply Chain Issues The first hurdle builders are dealing with is the lack of supply of various building materials. According to a recent article from HousingWire: “. . . ... read more
What I Wish I Knew When I Bought My First New-Cons...
9 March, 2022| Home Builders, Education, Home Buying
When I was designing our dream home 15 years ago, I was chasing around our toddler while laying out rooms and selecting finishes. Back then, I didnt let Ben out of my sight and couldnt imagine a time... read more
11 Razones para vivir en Houston Texas
8 March, 2022| Home Buying, Home Builders, Moving & Storage
1. Houston es una ciudad asequible, en comparación al resto de las grandes ciudades. A pesar de que aquellos que sueñan con un salario más alto se dirigen a Los Ángeles o S... read more
How to Buy a New Build!
3 March, 2022| Home Buying, Home Builders, Home Values & Recent S...
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Should You Buy or Build?
26 February, 2022| Home Buying, Home Builders, Education
Upfront costs Building The upfront costs of building a home will almost always be more than buying an existing home. You can expect to budget for custom blueprints first, which can cost you anyw... read more
Pre-Construction Homes - Pros and Cons
25 February, 2022| Home Buying, Home Builders, Neighborhoods & Commun...
Pre-Construction Homes – Pros and Cons Buying a home before it’s built is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. You get to pick your home’s features down to the color of the si... read more
Moving to Cross Creek Ranch?
23 February, 2022| Home Builders, Home Buying, Neighborhoods & Commun...
Cross Creek Ranch So many reasons to MOVE TO Cross Creek Ranch Here are a few!!! Located in Fulshear Texas 3200+ acres master-planned award-winning community 33+ Pocket Parks 350+ acres of lakes, catc... read more
Buying a New Construction Home
16 February, 2022| Home Builders, Neighborhoods & Communities, Home B...
Buying a New Construction Home: What To Expect Today, your options are endless when shopping for a construction home. Whether you’re looking for a new construction home in the suburbs or need a... read more
New Homestead Exemption Law Takes Effect
7 February, 2022| Home Buying, Home Selling, Home Builders
Before a recent change in the Texas Tax Code, some homebuyers were not eligible for a property-tax homestead exemption until January 1 of the year following their home purchase. This caused those home... read more
Relocating To Houston, Texas
6 February, 2022| Relocation & Newcomer, Home Buying, Home Builders
The Welcome to Houston, the nick name H-Town, Space City, Big Heart, Clutch City, with all those names, we are still a community state family driven folks. Im excited to work with you to find your... read more