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Buy an Appliance - Get a Rebate ...
1 January, 2010| Green Living, Home Selling, General above article from Realtor.Org explains how you can get a rebate from the government by purchasing a new energy efficient appli... read more
Generation Y-ers and Real Estate.... are you one o...
29 December, 2009| Affordable Housing, Green Living, General
Who exactly are these Generation Y-ers?? Could you be a Millennial or an Echo Boomer? Well, if you were born anywhere between the late 1970's and the late 1990's, TAG, you are it! It seems... read more
Adding up to $6,000 to a VA Home Loan to make Ener...
26 December, 2009| Green Living, Home Improvements & Repair, Mortgage...
Thinking About Going Green on a Houston Home? VA Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) Program May Be The Solution The VA Energy Efficient Mortgage Program allows a veteran, using a VA Home Loan,... read more
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Let's Say You Drop Your Cell Phone in the Pool.......
22 December, 2009| Green Living, General
While this site is aimed at educating and informing you on issues related to Real Estate and your home, certain circumstances have made it obvious that sometimes we need practical information.  L... read more
Commerce with a Conscience
1 December, 2009| Green Living, Neighborhoods & Communities, General
I have always appreciated double-duty gifting and practice it whenever possible.  For example, if I am serving cookies at a real estate open house – they might as well be Girl Scout cookies, righ... read more
An "Emerald City" in Houston?
20 November, 2009| Green Living, Neighborhoods & Communities, Safety...
Some are calling the new FBI headquarters in Houston The Emerald City. The exterior glass is green and it is also a "green building". It's LEED certified.  This $81 million project was dedicated... read more
The 1928 Woodland Heights Luna Park version of Dan...
17 November, 2009| Green Living, Neighborhoods & Communities, Houston...
     As the flat screens of  the nation focus on on the final rounds  of  Dancing With The Stars, I was amused by a 1928 Houston newspaper article tha... read more
Bamboo May Be Not So Great for Clothing
13 November, 2009| Green Living
For those who are wearing and/or sleeping on bamboo fabrics, this article from the Wall Street Journal will be enlightening: read more
Green Gift Giving
11 November, 2009| Green Living, Home Remodeling, General is a link to a website that sells earth friendly goods for the home.  The site includes items that can be used for remodeling as well as items for gifts... read more
Composting--10 Items that might surprise you!
3 November, 2009| Green Living
Our family has been recycling since the early 70's, and composting is part of recycling, but most times, the end product is there for you to use in your garden.  There are the obvious candidates... read more
Want to Sell Carbon Credits?
1 November, 2009| Green Living, Education
Greenhouse gas regulation may offer rural land owners a new source of income! Selling carbon credits to companies that emit more gases than allowed by law. A few things may make rural land eligible to... read more
10 Steps to Achieving Genuine Happiness
1 November, 2009| Green Living, General, Houston Living
10 Steps to Achieving Genuine Happiness? I have always been in search of true happiness. And at the ripe young age of ___, I think I'm really close! There are moments when every thing in life... read more
How to Get Your Home Ready for Winter
30 October, 2009| Green Living, General, Education
How to Get Your Home Ready for Winter Whether your winters are severe with snow and ice or just cooler with rain and wind, fall is a great time to ensure your home will keep you snug and sa... read more
How to Get Energy-Saving Tax Credits for Your Home...
28 October, 2009| Green Living, Home Improvements & Repair, Home Rem...
How to Get Energy-Saving Tax Credits for Your Home One of the biggest costs in maintaining your home is your energy bill, and this is a great time to make home improvements to increase the... read more
Green Is the Ultimate Today
28 October, 2009| Green Living, Home Buying, Home Selling
Hold on to your hats, folks. If you want to keep up with the Jones’ on the housing front, going bigger isn’t going to cut it anymore. Today, for the Jones’ and others on the forefront of home trends,... read more