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Price Reduced in Magnolia, Texas
5 December, 2022| Country Homes / Acreage Living, Home Selling
Inquiring minds can not see you if you love privacy! Plenty of room to roam and play with cleared yards all around the home along with trails for riding, running or wheeling. Large living opens to din... read more
The Road Ahead - In a Minute
5 December, 2022| Home Buying, Houston Living, Home Selling
Hello, and welcome! According to The National Association of Realtor (NAR) chief economist, home prices will rise 1% and sales will dip 7% in 2023 before recovering in 2024. He also forecasts a decli... read more
Safe-Smart-House? Many Benefits of Smart Locks
4 December, 2022| Home Safety, Home Selling, Home Builders
Any listing agent or home builder will tell you that a home's curb appeal is important. When the prospective buyer pulls up in front of the house, that first impression can make or break a sale. B... read more
5 Steps for Buying a home with a VA-backed loan
3 December, 2022| Home Buying, Home Selling, Education
How can I buy a home with a VA-backed loan? Buying a home is a complex process, and getting a VA-backed loan is only one piece of the puzzle. Stay on track by following the steps below. 5 Steps t... read more
Buy or Wait?
3 December, 2022| Home Buying, General, Home Selling
Many Americans today are asking themselves the big question: Should I buy a house today or should I wait a few months or possibly even wait a year?The struggling question continues to be asked by many... read more
What You Need to Know Before Accepting - or Reject...
2 December, 2022| Home Selling
The day will come -- and it will be a wonderful, joyous, do-a-happy-dance day -- when you receive an offer, or multiple offers, for your home.And on that day, you're going to face a question you may n... read more
Houston During The Holidays - Where to Begin
1 December, 2022| Home Selling, Home Buying, Houston Living
Welcome to the holiday season 2022. What to do and where to begin maybe a couple of the questions you're asking yourself. While we cannot be there to help you hold the shopping bags, we can make... read more
Home Ownership Wins Over Time
1 December, 2022| Home Buying, Home Selling, Housing Market
Homeownership Wins Over Time read more
Your House Could Be the #1 Item on a Homebuyer's W...
1 December, 2022| General, Education, Home Selling
The truth is many buyers want to purchase a home for the holidays, and your house might be just what they’re looking for. Here are five great reasons you shouldn’t wait to sell your house... read more
Home Selling Mistakes To Avoid
1 December, 2022| Home Selling, General, Home Marketing
Selling your home can be exciting and emotional at the same time. You’re selling the place you’ve lived in but might earn a decent profit. In addition, real estate is a great hedge against... read more
Why Seller's Remorse Is So Common, and What to Do...
1 December, 2022| Home Selling
Selling your house can be scary: It's been your home, where you've lived and made memories. Chances are good it's your most important asset and your biggest investment so far. Wrestling with the emoti... read more
How to Clean Up After Thanksgiving in Half the Tim...
30 November, 2022| Houston Living, Home Selling
The Pilgrims were on to something when they planned a Thanksgiving potluck; here are other good ideas that'll simplify your T-Day kitchen cleanup. Want something to be thankful for?Check out these tip... read more
Considering Adding a Firepit This Year?
30 November, 2022| Home Buying, Home Selling, Green Living
Considering Adding a Firepit This Year? There are few things that carry the feel of fall like sitting by a fire on a cool autumn night. Of course, not everyone lives somewhere where they can just buil... read more
The Benefits of Credit Counseling for Homebuyers
30 November, 2022| Home Buying, Mortgage & Finance, Home Selling
Buying a home is a complicated process. It’s usually the biggest financial transaction of a person’s life, and often involves taking out a mortgage to pay for the new d... read more
7 Tips to Maximize Your Home's Sale Price
30 November, 2022| Home Selling, Home Improvements & Repair, General
Over the past few years, a real estate buying frenzy bid up home prices to eye-popping amounts. However, as mortgage rates have risen, buyer demand has cooled. 1 Consequently, home sellers who enter t... read more