Airbnb and the First Steps

Posted by Jeanette Ojeda
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A friend suggest doing Airbnb.

But where and what do I need to buy to set it up and good experience? Will the guest take care of the stuff? Let me address some of those concerns.

Ive been hosting since before Airbnb was a household name. I rented out rooms. One to help myself financially but to give others an affordable option in their journey to the next place.

Not all Airbnb stays will be like staying at Resort that including cleaning staff so set the expectation for your guest up front. Let the description state whether you have paid house cleaning or if they are expect to pick after themselves or if your policy will be Leave No Trace. If you are picking the later than please make sure you state what cleaning fees cover. Go thru the checklist thoroughly which Airbnb provides when setting up the property. Take multiple pictures of the areas and with open drawers/cupboards which your guest will have access to. Also if the home has a glitch or little special way of handling things note that. Dont be embarrassed if you have note that you have push the door a little harder for it to close that the screen door may not stay in its track. Just note it or fix it.

Now should you go to Crate and Barrel to stock the home well that depends on the price point. If it would bother you if one of the spoons from the set would end up missing than yeah dont buy it there. Walmart(WMT) had great options for supplies. I personally love the bed sheets from there. I have tried every store and numerous brands. The mainstays soft wrinkle resistant microfiber at WMT are the best with 4.5 stars of nearly 7K reviews. They are not thick so they are breathable. If one of the pieces gets damaged you can go buy one of the exact same kind months from now.

Now lets talk toilet paper! Mega roll or Economy? Charmin or Scott? Lets stop and think about this. I have never remembered the toilet paper at any of my stays, EVER. I personally order Scott Essential Professional 100% Recycled Fiber Bulk Toilet Paper for Business with 80 rolls once a year for my ABNB. It saves time, money and during the pandemic I didnt skip a beat because I was golden.

More topics to come if you want me to address specific ones feel free to ask.

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