Financing a Second Investment Property is Much Easier

Have you ever bought a real estate investment property?  Chances are you either applied for a loan with a bank or used private money to purchase your property.  Using private money can be much easier than going the traditional route of using a bank, but it does have its downside.  These types of loans have much higher interest rates and usually a much shorter term.

Most investors use a mix of financing, but the most popular is a mortgage from a lender.  And the first property can be difficult to get financed.  However, if you do buy a rental with a mortgage, you will find it much easier to purchase subsequent properties based upon the income generated by that first property.

Want to know more?  Click HERE for an article that explains how lenders look at your finances after you have purchased a rental property and have started receiving cash flow. 

And if you continue using your income and even the equity you have in your investment properties, you can continue to purchase investment properties that should set you on a path to financial security.  Id love to chat with you about real estate investing and how I can help you start that journey.  Just give me a call. 

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