Hello y'all! A lot has taken place since the last blog. If you've tuned in to any news publication or show in the last couple of weeks, you know we are under siege by the Coronavirus aka COVID-19. One of the most concerning things about the virus in my opinion is that one can be carrying it around undetected. While our local counties have deemed Real Estate Services 'essential', we are taking as many precautions as possible. 

It is important during this time of panic and uncertainty to baseline your actions, your emotions, your reactions, and to have patience and try to act with kindness at heart. It is very easy to become anxious, stressed, fed up, worried, and overall panicky. It was a surreal feeling to walk into several grocery stores looking for essentials and not be able to find any. To have to really think about what you're touching, how close you are to someone else, is that person immunocompromised, does that sneeze or cough that you just heard indicate that person is sick? Your mind races. 

I feel it is important for us to remember that each person is just that, a person. We will get through this; this too shall pass. It is a dangerous virus, and can be fatal in the right circumstances. Do your best to only make essential trips out into public spaces. Wash your hands more often than usual. Wash your clothing, your bedding, sanitize your vehicle's interior, etc. Always 'put your mask on first', you can't help anyone unless you have helped yourself.

If you are in need to real estate services, be aware that many in the industry are allowing extra time to process applications, are more stringent on requirements, and overall, things may move slower than typical. We as REALTORS® are doing our very best to stay safe and still show properties which are on the market and available. We are taking more video tours, visiting properties with less clients in tow, and are sanitizing everything possible. There are deadlines for moves to take place, closings, etc., we are all working hard to ensure those are met on-time. We still have investors investing, we still have buyers buying, and we still need sellers to sell. Apartment and rent homes are still available and their management are reviewing applications. There is always a need for housing! 

Should you or your family need supplies of any kind, or just an ear to chat to, do not hesitate to ask. Happy to help! Stay safe, socially distant, and sanitized! 

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