"Live Like No One Else" --The Dave Ramsey Story

Dave Ramsey sheds light on his life and what he went through. He was a Realtor once upon a time and now he is the world's leading Financial Planner. He has a show called, "The Dave Ramsey Show," where he helps individuals get out of debt, saving for their children's college, budgeting to buy a house, to helping individuals and their families live within their means. There is many more topics that he has covered and currently covering that is relatable to everyone. 

In this video, he focuses on the 5 main chapters in someones life. He says, "Live Like No One Else, So That Later You Get The Opportunity To Live and Give Like No One Else." 

#1 Working Hard

#2 On The Way Down

#3 Hope Is The Fuel

#4 Out Loud

#5 Connections

I will leave you all with this...personally I can relate, my husband and I made that leap of faith in 2011, back in New Jersey when our 1st child was born. Ever since then, our life has not only changed for the better but, our marriage, children, lives, health, work, beliefs, values, and our decisions going forward individually, as well as, a couple. 

If you are reading my blog, please feel free to comment, start a discussion or share your personal experience. Also, if you are interested in more videos on Financial Planning of Dave Ramsey, please comment yes or no. :-)

I hope you find this video helpful!!! 

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