4 Great Green Apps for Your Home

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Many products claim to be green, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re eco-friendly. GoodGuide uses your phone’s camera to scan bar codes, then gives you the real green info on that product from the app’s database, which contains more than 90,000 products. Whether you’re shopping for appliances, cleaning products, food, and other items for your home, GoodGuide gives you a rating on that product’s impact on your health, environment, and community.

  • Price: Free

  • Available for: iPhone and Android

Green Outlet

Help lower your monthly bills by identifying how much energy your appliances use. Set your profile by identifying the square footage of your house, the typical temperature inside your home, how many people live there, and the cost per kilowatt hour in your area. Then, identify all the electronic appliances in your home by searching Green Outlet’s database, and enter how many hours per day you use them. 

When you’re done, Green Outlet will tell you how many pounds of carbon your home releases, along with suggestions about how to be more efficient. The app can be a bit tough to figure out at first glance, but the “Welcome” tab includes helpful instructions.

  • Price: 99 cents

  • Available for: iPhone and Android


Unsure which of your local recycling centers will take odd stuff, such as Styrofoam and window glass? Provided by Earth911, this simple app helps you be a better recycler. You just enter your location and what you want to recycle, then the app gives you a list of the nearby recycling centers that will accept it. It’ll tell you where the center is located, its hours of operation, contact information, and a list of all the materials it accepts.

  • Price: Free

  • Available for: iPhone and Android

Bulb Finder

When a light bulb burns out, use this app to find the best replacement to help you save energy with home lighting. Enter the type of fixture, bulb style and features, the wattage you want, and how many hours a day you expect to use it, and the app will suggest which new bulb is right for you. It’ll include information on price, brand name, and how much money and energy you’ll save by using it.

  • Price: Free

  • Available for: iPhone and Android

What are your favorite green apps?

Courtney Craig is an Atlanta-based writer and editor. She believes no effort is too small when it comes to green living, which she tries to keep in mind while renovating her recently purchased first home.

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