Falling behind on taxes

When you purchased your home you may have borrowed money from the bank. During the closing someone probably explained, you don't pay, you don't stay.  One of the documents you signed, gave your lender (bank) the authority to foreclose if you didn't pay your lender back.  However, they may not have explained to you that taxing authority has that same ability. 

Property tax burden

You, the bank, and the taxing authority are bound together by an agreement.  You agree to pay back the money you borrowed from the bank and maintain the payment of your property taxes.  Understanding the mortgage part is simple, they loaned you the money, you agreed to pay them back the original loan amount plus interest. 

However, taxes are different, the amount due each year can change.  If you fail to pay your property taxes they can and will foreclose on you.  In addition to the amount you owe additional money will be added to your total bill.   This amount increases monthly, then you can add in attorney fees, and other miscellaneous fees the taxing authority adds to your bill.  

If you have experienced a financial hardship, after a while the burden to pay your property taxes get to be so difficult that you can feel all is lost, that you are alone and there are no options to help you out.  That is simply not the case, you do have options. 

Understanding your options will be critical to determining what is in the best interest of you and your family.   Things for you to think about will be what is your end game?  Can you get the delinquency caught up and continue to make your payments and not fall behind again?  What caused you to fall behind, is that event in the past, or are you still struggling?  Would it be better for you and your family to cut your losses and reduce you living expenses?

I am giving away 4 copies of my book, Tips and Tricks for dealing with delinquent taxes.  In the book you will learn of different ways to evaluate what your options are and what resources are available to you. 

Please contact me at Kellik73@yahoo.com to request your book.  

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